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Become Your Own Healer

A One Year Journey Through Ayurveda Guided by Ayurveda Expert, Cate Stillman
When you become your own healer, your entire life will improve. You’ll be stronger. Smarter. Resilient. Radiant. Grounded.

Gain unparalleled insight into you. Build power from the inner world, inner body, and rehabilitate your nervous system, immune system, your mind, habits, and intuition. Reestablish your essential self.

Ayurveda requires a guide who knows the healing terrain. We help get you there, and faster.

Become Your Own Healer.

That is what Cate Stillman’s Living Ayurveda course is designed to do; to escort you on your healing journey.

On the journey, you’ll live Ayurveda for yourself, to rejuvenate, to mend, to regenerate yourself, to enhance your future possibilities, to transform and accelerate your physical, mental and spiritual potential into actuality.

When you have the wisdom to heal, to evolve your daily habits, to prevent disease in your cells, and you become a force of nature. You’ll optimize your sleep, digestion, and habits and continually make your future better, easier, and healthier.

Ayurveda cultivates this wisdom and beauty within you. And Cate Stillman makes deep healing accessible to you in real-time.

You are here because you want to truly know thyself. Ayurveda holds the key to rejuvenation – the rest is up to you.

What is it worth to you to become your own healer? How would that change your life right now? And how about 10 or 20 years from now?

Feel better and be better in the future than you’ve ever been in the past.

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Living Ayurveda with Cate

Start Date: October 6, 2022

We’re taught to make big investments in houses, cars, education… but we rarely invest in our health.

As people age, they begin to value their health more than money. Much like a savings account, healing wisdom compounds like interest, year over year. What if I told you, the sooner you start becoming your own healer, learning Ayurveda, living the habits of yogis, the stronger your body and mind become? Healthy habits compound, year over year. The wisdom that can prevent the diseases of your ancestors, expand your possibilities, and make you feel better with age is available to you.

Imagine a year from now.

To feel amazing in your body. To have befriended your constitution, your digestion. And your life to be aligned with essential habits to thrive. It’s possible. Trust the healing process and the powers within thyself.

You may think, “it’s worked for others… but will it work for me? Am I ready to take a journey?”

Yes. Body wisdom is a value that rises above all else.

Don’t wait.
Take the journey and let Cate be your guide.


Result 1

Become Your Own Healer.

You are unique. Learn about the universe of you. Your unique constitution, health history, weaknesses, and strengths. You also Living Ayurveda helps you uncover and uproot deep and subtle imbalances in a fun, nourishing way.
Result 2

Begin the Real Work of Uprooting Any Imbalances.

You are unique. Learn about the universe of you. Your unique constitution, health history, weaknesses, and strengths. You also Living Ayurveda helps you uncover and uproot deep and subtle imbalances in a fun, nourishing way.
Result 3

Be in the Best Conversation To Inspire Your Evolution.

The people you look up to, who have the habits we want, who inspire us, who ignite us with their passion, and understand specifically how to evolve. These are the people attracted to Living Ayurveda. Healthy people attract healthier people into their lives. You are joining both a space for transformation and a growing community.
Result 4

Rewild You Palette. Eat Better. Digest Better. Absorb Better. Eliminate Better.

In diagnosing your Agni (digestive power), you identify the six tastes on your tongue and in your diet. Explore new recipes that are specific for the season, climate, and whether you are in. You’ll be rewarded with energy and from living in sync with nature and your cyclical bodily needs.
Result 5

Become Your Own Medicine Maker.

You will mix and make spices into simple medicines (masalas and churnas) to treat various imbalances, including mucus, gas, bloating, common cold, sinus issues, and other winter maladies. You’ll discover the power of your spice cabinet with its diverse pharmacopeia.
Result 6

Wake Up Your Body, and Release Your Cells from Inflammation and Toxins.

You’ll tap into the power of Agni – the secret to perfect health – how your immunity is connected to your digestive tract and what to do about it. If you have Ama, or toxins, caused by ineffective digestion, you’ll identify why and begin to clear up your system.
Result 7

Dissect Disease + Your Ancestral Pattern.

As adults, our bodies have decades of system weaknesses – kavaigunas, and we have years of health history. We will learn our weaknesses and build systems of strength. We heal our ancestral patterns via the practice of tarpana, an Ayurvedic method of cleansing tarpaka Kapha.
Result 8

Master Plant Power, Wild Prana + Botanical Facials.

Ayurveda unlocks the language of plants as food, medicine, herbs, spices, and essential oils. Plants have healing powers. You’ll learn how to harvest wild greens that are thriving in your local wildlands and/or grow microgreens, sprouts, and kitchen herbs in your home.
Result 9

Become a Better Chef for Yourself and Your Family.

Cravings will fade away, and cravings for highly charged pranic foods will dominate your diet. You’ll invent new recipes perfect for your constitution, time of life, and season and get the hang of designing your food body with your ecosystem.
Result 10

Customize Your Yoga Practice.

You’ll hone in on how to practice your yoga to get the long-term experience you want – with your metabolism, your emotions, your energy levels, and your sleep. You will incorporate the five vayus and chakras into your yoga practice and uplevel your yoga knowledge from practicing Ayurveda on the mat.
Most importantly

You’ll keep getting healthier!

During the course, you’ll tour through your subtle body anatomy. Levels, layers, and pathways will open. As your body releases imbalances, you’ll continue to gain insights into multiple levels to heal and explore new levels of health. Get smarter about your health with each year as you get older.

Cate started coaching people through Ayurvedic habits in 2001 as an Ayurvedic Practitioner (California College of Ayurveda, Gurukula with Dr. Lad in India) and a Yoga Teacher (Iyengar, then Certified Anusara Teacher). She is a true pioneer in the future of Ayurveda, Dharma, Yoga Philosophy, and Dynamic Groups.

Truly, there is no other Ayurvedic journey that delivers results like the Living Ayurveda Course. Cate Stillman, the Yogahealer, devised a system that is unique, timely, and most importantly… It Works.

But, this is not the time to hesitate. You need to get your ticket so we can work with you.
Welcome – your invitation has arrived.

The experience of Living Ayurveda is brought to life through dynamic dialogues and workshops. You’ll learn Ayurveda in video trainings throughout the year. Ayurveda comes alive in our dynamic community experience. Our members learn from seeing each other’s breakthroughs.

This helped me be a better doctor, a better mother, and better in my own self-care.


Dr. Michele Colon

Most people aren’t interested in truly knowing their body or understanding disease. Most people don’t even think about their health until it’s too late.

But then there’s you. And you are different.

You want to know your body. You want to evolve. And you may even want to inspire and assist others on their journey.

Living Ayurveda gives you an inside-out Ayurvedic understanding of how vibrant health works. Most people die without this understanding, having never fully explored the potential of their body or the sensitive awakeness of their subtle body.

If you’re interested in unlocking your healing potential, to know Ayurveda for the rest of your life, and perhaps, even to be a healer for those in your life – there’s no better place than Living Ayurveda.

If your gut tells you that you have the power and freedom to change your future for the better. And feel great. And get smarter as you age. It seems like a no-brainer…

If you don’t buy your ticket for your healing journey with Ayurveda, that’s fine. But you may lose your momentum. You might exacerbate your mental or physical health. Or even worse, you may develop the habit of not following through on your intuition guiding you to what you want most. That leads to losing your belief in yourself – that you can heal or become a healer. Don’t lose traction now.

But if you’re serious… we’re committed to providing you full, unfiltered access to the #1 Ayurveda program that has evolved people just like you into becoming their own healer.

Here’s my Guarantee: if you full-heartedly join our Living Ayurveda members on this journey you will become your own healer, in 12 months flat. No joke.

It’s been proven again and again, and our members’ stories are a testament to that. Members report Living Ayurveda having a significant return on investment, saving year over year on health supplements, food, alcohol, and prescriptions.

And with a full year of guidance and Ayurveda coming alive in your kitchen, in your healing space, on your yoga mat… You can’t lose.

Your healing skills are your best investment for lifelong return.