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How Living Ayurveda
Quick Overview

Living Ayurveda will
Uplevel the Rest of Your Life

Become your own healer for life.
Begin the real work of uprooting any imbalances.
Be with people who get you to grow.
Eat better. Digest better. Absorb better. Eliminate better.
Make your own medicines.
Release chronic inflammation and toxins.
Dissect disease + your ancestral pattern.
Master plant power, wild prana + botanical facials.
Become a better chef for yourself and your family.
Customize your yoga practice.
You’ll keep getting healthier!

Get to Know
The hub, Live Sessions, Office Hours
+ Your Team – Living Ayurveda

Start Building Your Resilient,
Fit Body and Focused Mind

Living Ayurveda members start with Body Thrive, experiencing the power of daily habits coaching and dynamic groups. The process guides you to uplevel your personal fitness, streamlined digestion, energetic stamina, immune resilience, and focus for Living Ayurveda Course.

Living Ayurveda Members Start with 
Body Thrive Habits for Healing

Habit 1.
Earlier Lighter Dinner

Habit 2.
Early to Bed

Habit 3.
Start Your Day Right

Habit 4.
Breath Body Practice

Habit 5.
Plant Based Wisdom

Habit 6.
Self Massage

Habit 7.
Sitting in Silence

Habit 8.
Intermittent Fasting

Habit 9.
Sense Organ Optimization

Habit 10.
Easeful Living

Your Curriculum Through the Seasons

Trimester 1
Intro to Ayurveda, Ayurveda + You, Optimizing Your Digestion

Ayurveda is a wisdom tradition with scope, breadth, and depth. Ayurveda has a language that describes the nature and the laws of the universe that govern your body. In Living Ayurveda, we begin with the theory and concepts of Ayurveda – applied directly to you. You learn the language to better understand yourself, your constitution, your digestion, your imbalances, and your health history. You design your healing journey through your habits, your kitchen, your spice drawer, and kitchen medicine. You learn what your tongue is telling you. Everything we do in Living Ayurveda is with the end goal in mind, first of healing, then of radiant longevity and enlightened living.

Month 1

In month 1, you build your vocabulary and experience of the basic concepts of energy polarity, opposite spectrums of consciousness, and the 3 forces of nature. You upgrade your personal operating system to an Ayurvedic perspective.

Month 2

You learn about the universe of you. You are unique. You have a unique constitution. You have a unique health history. You have unique weaknesses and strengths. You also have a mental/emotional or psychosomatic constitution. You will uncover and uproot deep and subtle imbalances in a fun, nourishing way.

Month 3

In Month 3, you’ll tap into the power of Agni – the secret to perfect health – how your immunity is connected to your digestive tract and what to do about it. If you have Ama, or toxins, caused by ineffective digestion, you’ll identify why and begin to clear up your system. You will differentiate between healthy and unhealthy cravings.

Trimester 2
Subtle Body Anatomy, Diseases, Aging, Plant Medicine

By Trimester 2 you have a decent roadmap of the cosmos and your constitution according to Ayurveda. Because Ayurveda has roadmaps for the subtle body, next we learn subtle anatomy. This is when you understand your health history and your healing journey at a new level. Ayurveda has an easy to grasp explanation of the disease process – the stages of disease no matter if the imbalances are in the gut, the organs, the emotions, the mind, or the heart. You’ll be guided on your healing path to better know yourself, your ancestral gifts, and outdated patterns. You’ll end the second trimester with a fun exploration into plants as medicine – with facials, aromatherapy, and the wild medicines in your very ecosystem. Members love Cate’s rewilding approach to your soul, your kitchen, and your neighborhood.

Month 4

Unpack the power of your subtle doshas – prana, tejas and ojas. Run consciousness through your immune system (ojas). Increase your power of focus (tejas). Run more life force energy through your veins (prana). We will raise all three subtle doshas together and you will see the magic happen in your personal integrity and capacity as a human being.

Month 5

In month 5, we go deep into disease. We heal our ancestral memory via the practice of tarpana, an Ayurvedic method of cleansing tarpaka Kapha.
You will look at your imbalances, or family imbalances, through the lens of Ayurveda’s 6 stages of the disease process and identify early symptoms and solutions.

Month 6

You will become your own plant-based pharmacist. You’ll learn how to harvest wild greens that are thriving in your local wild lands, and/or grow microgreens, sprouts, and kitchen herbs in your home. We’ll discuss the skinny on where herbs, supplements, and vitamins fit into your plant-based diet.

Trimester 3
Energetic Intelligence, Women + Men’s Health, Ayurveda in Your Life

By the third trimester, you are seeing life through an Ayurveda lens. You are optimizing your digestion, your nourishment, your daily habits, and seasonal rituals without effort. Our key to success in Living Ayurveda is that the Ayurveda – the living wisdom of Ayurveda – starts to live through you. This effortless alignment gives you insight into the next levels of energetic intelligence with the vayus, the chakras, and an advanced perspective on creative dynamic rebalancing with Yoga. You’ll also explore more specifics on stages of life and health for the genders, as well as the practicalities of Ayurveda on the road. We end at the beginning. Most members come again for another year of Living Ayurveda Course, supported by Body Thrive – the course, the community, and the habits.

Month 7

Starting with the 5 vayus, you will experience how to balance your five directional energy flows for more groundedness and expansion simultaneously. Armed with energetic awareness, you’ll identify the subtle physiological patterns behind anxiety, depression, workaholism, and anger issues.

Month 8

During month 8, we engage the Ayurvedic perspective on gender health through the lens of upgrading our rites of passages. Ayurveda reveals the stages of life, and the mindful, ritual-based transitions between, creating a life of connectivity and thrive.

Month 9

Enjoy time for the course review and reflection on the process of your own transformation. We will revisit our unique values from Month 1. We’ll reflect on what has shifted and what is next.

Want to Walk Through The Living Ayurveda Curriculum with Cate?

Book List

Body Thrive (Amazon)
Wisdom of Wild Weeds (Amazon)
The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook (Amazon)
The Everyday Ayurveda Guide to Self-Care (Amazon)

What is the structure
of the course?

Our Living Ayurveda Course happens in a mature, dynamic, and global online community, led by Cate and your expert course coaches and mentors. Live coaching sessions are always interactive. Being a member gives you access to weekly dynamic coaching so that you can overcome challenges in real-time.
The Curriculum

– All Video/Audio lessons are easily accessible via our Yogahealer App
or online hub;
– 1-2 weekly video or audio lessons (10-30 minutes), with
implementation breaks at the end of each trimester;
– Emails introducing the action steps for each video lessons (5 minutes
– Workbook activities (30-60 minutes);
– Reading or book listening assignments from our Living Ayurveda

The Live Coaching

– Monthly Live Coaching Workshop with Cate on Implementation;
– Weekly Body Thrive Coaching Sessions with Cate (Optional);
– Weekly Live Sessions with Living Ayurveda Mentors;
– Monthly 1-1 Coaching Gyms with a Living Ayurveda Mentor;
– Bi-monthly Course Office Hours with Cate.

Each week you will be

– Sent the Webinar lesson + letter about the content;
– Assigned philosophy reading, including our LAC Growthwork Ebooks;
– Inspired by practices to apply Ayurveda in the kitchen + On the Mat +
the Cushion;
– Supported in better daily rituals.

The Community

– A very active online forum for Q+A and laser coaching;
– Accountability partnerships.

The Living Ayurveda Course and Coaching Community will help you go deeper into your healing journey. You may also choose to engage an accountability partner.

We learn Ayurveda through guided conversation, lessons, personal case studies, and being in a coaching community together.

Get Started in the Living Ayurveda Course

Get Started in the Living Ayurveda Course