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The Souls of Plants

The Souls of Plants

If you’re lucky, every now and then you may come across a true medicine woman. I lucked out about 10 years ago, when Camille and I cross paths at a Wellness Festival at an Idaho ski resort. She was the real deal…and I knew it from her plant medicines. We traded wares and I began taking her flower essences.

Fast forward a decade and I knew I wanted a specific conversation for my Living Ayurveda Course students. Over the year we talked to many plant experts… but no one who spoke to the soul of plants. The shakti and intelligence of a plant (or mineral) can be received directly, without using cognitive  learning processes. I wanted my students to get a direct hit of plant shaktipat. Camille came to mind.

Lucky for you, please eavesdrop on our conversation.
Camilla Blossom

In this interview I talk to Camilla Blossom about:

● Learn how to listen to plants
● How to create ceremony
●How our constitution affects how we relate to plants
●Your Livelihood vs. Lovelyhood

What we mention in this Episode:

  • Meditation to connect to the plant heart spirit and their ancestors
  • The importance of tuning into local medicine makers.
  • How to receive Shakipat from plants
  • Raising Kids in Connection with plant intelligence
  • How to tap into plant frequencies that can help you
  • Quick Start Guide to Ceremony (Scroll down)

Bio: Camilla Blossom

My passion is to inspire others to come into their own loving relationship with the spirit of nature—the plants, the waters, and Mother Earth. I am an intuitive transmitter for the elementals, nature spirits, plant and devic realms, a wisdom teacher, flower essence alchemist, certified aromatherapist, and energy healer. I am a Reiki Master, pipe carrier, ceremonialist, and has studied and done ceremony with the Q’ero, Mayan, Hopi, Lakota, Paiute, Celtic, and other Native American elders.

Cate’s Favorite Quotes from the Conversation

“The earth takes care of those who take care of her. when we honor her, and appreciate her… to love her… Then that comes back to us.”

“You carry the stories of the medicine in their bones. – that that teaching is a frequency, an energy, a wisdom  – that we can carry in our bodies. it’s this process of us all becoming medicine people  – there is a way that we can each claiming it up for ourselves  – so that we can transmit the frequencies of these plants to each other.”

“It was about allowing the medicine to come through us, and to be guided to it.”

“Plants are our food, our clothing, our shelter, our medicine.”

“My path has been less of academic studies… it’s been more of I am A Teacher of the Plants and the Animals and the Minerals. It’s coming from the spiritual.”

“To truly understand something you need to have your own direct experience. That is the way I learn. So it’s part of my medicine.”

“I’m a portal or catalyst to connect people with their medicine so that they can do that for themselves.”

“Listen to the plants. Learn how to listen to the guidance that comes through the design of mother earth. Listen to the elemental components of fire, earth, air, and water….”

 “We are in this learning how to trust process in the world – tune into a more feminine, intuitive way to connecting.”

“The more we can be of service – the more we open up….”

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soul of plants

Quick Start Guide to Ceremony

  1.  Bless everything with your heart, with your love.
    This is a quick path to walking in beauty, and creating space for intentional connection.
  2.  Do a Ritual
    This isn’t complicated. Bring mindfulness to any simple thing you want to do: lighting a candle, planting a garden.The more love of why I’m doing it, and what energy I’m doing it with, that is the ritual. Ask for help, for guidance from a higher power.
  3. To create a ceremony, string a few rituals together. Call in who or what you want to connect with. You are creating a space for the divine, for the creator to work. You can call in your self, call in the land, call in an element (earth, water, fire, air, ether), call in the plant spirits. You can do a ceremonial walk or pilgramage. You can make offerings. Be playful and make it up. Don’t censor yourself.

  “I will invite you to allow the plants and the land guide you… to find a place in nature to make an altar, to make a place, to do different things you like to do…. write, draw, whatever inspires you… those are all ceremonies in creating sacredness… Bring the plants, flower, tree energies in through our body and express that – you’ll get movements and dances…. Use your thoughts and intentions.”


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