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Busting Glass Ceilings on the Dharmic Path with Grace Edison

I Rap with Grace Edison, tribe member and yogahealer team member, about busting through self-imposed glass ceiling. We also dive into  how to clean up your space and aligning your bodies top open the pathway to abundance and thrive. Are your habits elevating or depressing your goals? Listen and reevaluate. You'll also hear how moving through conditioned beliefs allows up to continue punching through to the next level in her Dharma and career. Become aware of exactly how you are capping our wildest dreams, how to break this habit. In this conversation I...

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Yoga Teacher Career Investment Advice

I help yoga teachers make a better living. Part of my job at this point in Yogahealer’s evolution is sales. Sales for me goes something like this. Someone hears that I help yoga teachers make a better living from a podcast, a blog post, a friend, a webinar advertising on facebook that I teach. You get the picture. The yoga teacher likes what they hear, needs what I sell. They fill out an application to talk to me, and we talk. In the talking I ask where they are at and...

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Sparkle on the inside

We eat out of habit or routine. Around the holidays often we create celebrate abundance by over providing food. I've designed a simple conversation for designing your inner body holiday experience, so that your innate sparkle shines through. Simply ask yourself, and those with whom you share meals with the following: How do you want to feel in a week? What foods will help you feel that way? Any dishes in particular that you’re attracted to in this season, given the above? What do you want...

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