Sparkle on the inside

Sparkle on the inside

We eat out of habit or routine. Around the holidays often we create celebrate abundance by over providing food. I've designed a simple conversation for designing your inner body holiday experience, so that your innate sparkle shines through. Simply ask yourself, and those with whom you share meals with the following:

  • How do you want to feel in a week?
  • What foods will help you feel that way?
  • Any dishes in particular that you’re attracted to in this season, given the above?
  • What do you want to eat on our quieter days, between parties and gatherings?
  • What fruits and vegetables are in the fridge?
  • What do we need from the store?

The conversation will change  or update an momentum that is already underway. Through the Evolve your Winter Traditions Project people are facing the question, who am I to change our traditions? Who am I to change what we eat this week – during Christmas and all.

You always have the power of choice.

You always have the power of creativity and ingenuity. You always have the potential to break old conditioned  patterns
– not just for yourself, but for everyone who is with you, who you're in community with, and to break them for future generations who follow.
As Craig Hamilton says, “We have this potential – to reconnect,  to radically contribute to the evolutionary process. What impact are your choices on the future? Are you going to be one that makes a different choice? A different way of relating to the world?”

Well, here we are – trying to do it consciously -through our conversations over washing dishes, carpooling, and for those where I live, on the chairlift. This is dangerous terrain – bringing these questions to you this week. Oh the nerve – to invoke consciousness when there are so many refined de-mineralized white-sugar cookies handy. Your choices will enable locally harvested superfood cookies to seep into culture for the next decade of holiday traditions.

So, how do you want to feel in a week?


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  • wendy
    Posted at 22:30h, 25 December

    Hi Kate

    I was interested in Living Ayurveda course, and tried to fill in my email etc for the download about this course in 2014, doesnt let this happen, comes up error, also how much is course if paying January, can this be a part payment, and then payment throughout the year to still get the price bfore goes up, thank you.

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