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Five Powerful Tips for a Remarkably Healthy Winter

If Vata needed an ideal hangout, my small town in Idaho would certainly be a contender. Kapha’s retain their lovely skin on the cold, diamond, Idaho slopes. Pitta’s run around in shorts and long sleeve shirts when shoveling the driveway. Vata’s tend to remain windswept, cold and dry. I have Vata in my constitution and I am in the Vata stage of life. It’s a triple whammy. When Vata is aggravated, symptoms may appear such as cracked or chapped skin, eczema, constipation, cold hands and feet, anxiety and interrupted sleep-NOT...

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Chinese Medicine Formulas for Better Sleep

When we are looking to feel better or to improve chronic health issues, we may turn to a range of remedies, including drugs or lifestyle changes. However, it is easy to lose hope when these remedies or changes do not work, which is oftentimes the case. Drugs are likely to target only symptoms of disease, and not the actual root cause. People following Ayurvedic habits may find they feel better, but that they can’t completely achieve the health transformation they seek in order to thrive.Eric Karchmer has 20 years of...

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Intermittent Fasting For Yogis

Intermittent fasting for Yogis

Intermittent fasting is more than a way to eat. It is a lifelong journey of refining and creating space in your mind and your body. Cate used to experience challenges with her weight, food sensitivities, and her overall health. In our modern complex world, we often feel stressed, rushed and overwhelmed. Through intermittent fasting, Cate discovered a way to bring back a rhythm into her life that allows her to do so much more with much less. Cate and Jessica discuss how establishing a regular rhythm in our diets allows...

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My Kid Won't Poop – What to do from Ayurveda

What to do when your kid won't go poop?Sometimes kids clench up and don't let themselves poop. My Living Ayurveda member Jan, talks about when her 5 year old refused to poop. Jan posted on our forum. We got right back to her, with a few suggestions. Jan tried the suggestions to great success.This video walks you through some basic holistic practices to ease the flow to your kid's next bowel movement.How to reverse nervous tension Teaching kids how to breathe their poop out How Apana vayu works with elimination The connection between...

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