Your Future Health

Your Future Health

Your Future Health Potential

Most of my students, when we start working together, aren't really thinking about how their choices today will affect their body in 10 or 20 or 30 years. However, changing our perspective from focusing on how we feel today to how we want to feel tomorrow awakens your future health potential.

In talking with a 20-something client this week I came a simple realization. If we take care of tomorrow's body today, we're always a step ahead. We're in an empowered place. Time opens up. Simple solutions appear. Free radical production plummets. You might feel your blood become less acidic… wanting something that is impossible in this moment, but possible in 24 hours.

We'll call my  20-something client Joe. Joe always feels a little overwhelmed and anxious. He feels like yesterday's decisions are weighing him down today. Joe eats dinner late, stays up late, wakes up late. He forgets to get the food from the grocery store that he knows nourishes his body.

My solution is so simple.

This is what I told Joe. He was relieved and inspired:

How do I prevent disease?

Think about what you can do today to take care of your future body.

When you're making choices today think about tomorrow. What do you have going on? How do you want to feel? What time should you go to bed? Do you need to be more hydrated? Are you feasting with other people?

Simply notice for the rest of today what happens when you make choices that concern eating, exercise, and sleep. If you're into developing your consciousness, include meditation. In my Living Ayurveda course, I create specific action steps around this basic idea… that become your rhythm of the future.

When ever you feel frustrated with how you feel right now, take action for your tomorrow body.

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