My Kid Won't Poop – What to do from Ayurveda

My Kid Won't Poop – What to do from Ayurveda

What to do when your kid won't go poop?

Sometimes kids clench up and don't let themselves poop. My Living Ayurveda member Jan, talks about when her 5 year old refused to poop. Jan posted on our forum. We got right back to her, with a few suggestions. Jan tried the suggestions to great success.

This video walks you through some basic holistic practices to ease the flow to your kid's next bowel movement.

  • How to reverse nervous tension
  • Teaching kids how to breathe their poop out
  • How Apana vayu works with elimination
  • The connection between the mouth and the anus
  • Spices for kids to connect to smell and earth element

My Kid Won't Poop – What to do from Ayurveda

Eat Right to Alleviate Constipation

Often we aren't eating the best foods to slide through our digestive tract and out the other end. When we eat right for our pooping type it makes a world of difference. We start to experience ease and flow.

Here are a few quick tips to eat to reverse constipation:

  • Mushy soft foods, not dry hard crunchy snacks
  • Stewed apples with spices for breakfast
  • Homemade Fermented Foods (like sauerkraut)
  • Double your hydration.

Constipation doesn't mean not going poop. In Ayurveda, constipation is anything less than a complete easy bowel movement. That is a tall order for many people. When I notice my poop get sludgy or hard, I change what I'm eating and how much water I drink. It's not unusual for me to drink 1.5 liters of water in the morning to flush my system. This leaves me hydrated and inner body flushed!

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