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The Power of Remedies Straight from the Source with Joel Einhorn

Joel Einhorn began his journey into an entrepreneur of Ayurvedic medicine with a personal tragedy. In 2008, he was in a bike accident that lead to a traumatic brain injury. Desperately in need of a treatment that would help him heal, he found himself introduced to an Ayurvedic doctor. After a treatment regimen of herbal remedies, he found himself stronger than ever in a matter of months.With a newfound desire to share the powerful healing properties of herbal remedies with others, he founded HANAH. Now, he is bringing sustainably sourced,...

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How to Build Colossal Change with “Atomic Habits” by James Clear

James Clear’s life was forever changed when he faced a devastating injury to his brain in his junior year of high school. After months of hard work and determination, he fought his way back to success in sports, school, and his life. He credits these astounding successes to his “atomic habits.” This concept is something that he wishes to share with the world.James wants to educate people about a new revolutionizing system for change that has the potential to alter the way we pursue goals. He explains that “Atomic Habits”...

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Why Cate loves her treVolo S Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Check out this Cate’s short product review about the treVolo S Speakers from benQ cover and you will get all you need to know about this product. Cate reviews the speaker and the fact that it is wireless, portable, collapsible, and has great sound quality.We hope that this review will help you to decide  for the treVolo S speaker.  What you’ll get out of tuning in:What to consider when buying a speaker Why the treVolo speaker is great for offices and on the go  Links Mentioned in Episode:treVolo S Wireless...

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