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3 Tips to Jumpstart your Fall Cleanse

Unsurprisingly enough, as a culture, we don't fundamentally change what we eat with the seasons. And I'm not just talking about shifting your latte to one with pumpkin pie spice. Of course, the past 40 years is the first epoch in our history  that we nailed how to supersede Nature. And obviously, superseding Nature rocks...

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5 Elements to inform Your Detox

5 Elements to inform Your Detox Ether (Space) creates the place for cleansing to arise. If you are chronically overscheduled, mind/body yogic cleansing opens a space within you for the greater reality of beingness to become tangible. That is itself is the most effective release of stress. Being overscheduled is the best reason to cleanse - use your busyness as the motivating factor to just commit! Earth element provides the structure and boundaries. If you're going to do a cleanse create the structure with the length of time, the preparation, the time...

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