5 Elements to inform Your Detox

5 Elements to inform Your Detox

5 Elements to inform Your Detox

  • Ether (Space) creates the place for cleansing to arise. If you are chronically overscheduled, mind/body yogic cleansing opens a space within you for the greater reality of beingness to become tangible. That is itself is the most effective release of stress. Being overscheduled is the best reason to cleanse – use your busyness as the motivating factor to just commit!
  • Earth element provides the structure and boundaries. If you're going to do a cleanse create the structure with the length of time, the preparation, the time to emerge; the structure of what each day will look like during the cleanse; the structure of what you will eat and not eat; what you will bring in through your 5 sense organs, and what you will choose to exclude. A cleanse without conscious attunement to Earth element will feel ungrounded and unclear.
  • Fire is the driver of the cleanse on two levels. Physically, fire element incinerates the toxins stored in your fat tissue. Mentally, fire element is the power of your awareness to purify how you relate to your mind and emotions. During a cleanse offer all emotions, thought-constructs and cravings directly into the fire of your deepest hungers.
  • Water is the medium in which the purification happens. Water element soothes the process into one of bliss. If you cleanse is lacking bliss, spend more time bathing,  drinking pure water, and listening to the sound of moving waters.
  • Air is the current of change, enabling stored toxins (mental, physical, emotional, behavioral) to come out of their hiding places. As air moves the space becomes available; the water purifies, and air and water then transport a rarefied prana (life force energy) into the cells and between the cells where the ama was hiding. To maximize air element move each morning for 20 minutes upon arising. Take breathing or quick walking breaks every other hour.

The 5 elements, Radical Simplicity & Living Foods are part of the yogidetox 21 day program.

It's funny – we get overscheduled and stresses out; we feel lack instead of abundance; and from this place we make the choices that affect the next season – the next cycle of our potential evolution.

This cleanse season is a whole new ballgame. Are you in the game or just watching from the sidelines?

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