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Can my Family Detox?

Here is the deal - we don't realize how much our kids symptoms- physical, emotional and mental - are correlated with their diet. We also don't realize how we can change our cravings. When we don't realize these connections - our kids don't learn to identify them for themselves. The stakes are high....

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The Family Cleanse

[caption id="attachment_2651" align="alignright" width="168"] Cate's kid, Indy, sucking down a wild green smoothie[/caption]Yesterday, I hosted a one hour call with three moms whose kids want to cleanse. Listen (with your kids is great) to inspire a family cleanse.Kids who want to Cleanse - 60 minute sessionDownload the audio here. Why kids need to cleanse Once upon a time, long long ago, the human species acted like the other mammals. They ate wild fruits, leaves, berries, nuts, and critters big and small.  Then one day came the magnificent industrial revolution. Instead of eating...

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Yogidetox Q & A

We are very excited here, over at Yogahealer headquarters about the Yogidetox. I've received so many questions like:can I still go to that bash that's been on the calendar for months? what will this be like if I'm a beginner? what will this be like if I'm an experienced vegan yoga teacher? What is a family cleanse all about? Do I have to do enemas? (No! - but you'll probably get curious). What is a living foods Ayurveda cleanse? Do I have to quit coffee?My friends at Jill's List, who are jumping in with both feet,...

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