Yogidetox Q & A

Yogidetox Q & A

We are very excited here, over at Yogahealer headquarters about the Yogidetox. I’ve received so many questions like:

  • can I still go to that bash that’s been on the calendar for months?
  • what will this be like if I’m a beginner?
  • what will this be like if I’m an experienced vegan yoga teacher?
  • What is a family cleanse all about?
  • Do I have to do enemas? (No! – but you’ll probably get curious).
  • What is a living foods Ayurveda cleanse?
  • Do I have to quit coffee?

My friends at Jill’s List, who are jumping in with both feet, asked me to do a Q& A call to answer some of these questions and more. Whether you join my yogidetox or not, you will find this 55 minute Q & A session inspiring your choices and assisting you in taking the next step in your health evolution!

Yogidetox Q & A Audio April 21, 2011 (55 minutes)

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  • penny
    Posted at 22 November 2011

    Thanks very much for sending the guide to me so as I could get back in. Pretty smart. Pretty sweet. -p

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