Men who cleanse

Men who cleanse

Most of my tribe fits the typical yoga demographic of healthy white women between 30-60. Yet, when I decided to profile men who cleanse, they came out of the woodwork in droves. Without further ado on the why, what, how and their advice for you… here are wise words from
MEN WHO CLEANSE. Read through to the end and walk away with the cliff notes on detox.

From my brother, Jon Stillman (Whitefish, MT)
Why Jon cleanses: I want to clean myself out from the inside.  I don't always have the most healthful habits, and everything needs a cleaning every so often. Apart from the physical, after 4 or 5 days I have gotten a “runners high” during the cleanse, which is fun.  A natural high, without the running. Cleansing also helps me re-set my head as far as a diet goes. not always the most organic eater, it gets me back in the mindset of eating whole foods more often, and thinking more about what i'm putting into my body.

Jon's tip: Do the whole thing, even when it gets tough after the first couple days. the benefits are worth it. It's also fun to have somebody to do it with, as long as they're committed to it and not gonna flake out (not as fun for you).

My friend friend and colleague, Jordan Mallah, in a photo shoot on Day 30 of a juice fast. Jordan has been cleansing for 15 years.

Why Jordan Cleanses: < style="color: #008000;">Cleansing seasonally totally transforms my body and mind.  During a cleanse, my energy level is off the charts, and I feel vibrant and ALIVE! In a short time, my whole physical body transforms, leaving me feeling connected powerfully to the earth, while simultaneously feeling like I can float, light as a feather.    Imagine waking up everyday high as a kite, thrilled to be alive, with a crystal clear vibrant mind! Thats what I feel like while cleansing. In addition, a cleanse totally reboots my system, inspires me to eat healthier after the cleanse, and also gives me the opportunity to focus on getting totally fit. I also like the fact that while cleansing my yoga practice shifts and I can expand into places I never imagined possible. During a cleanse, I am in the moment, and all of my sense are insanely alive.

Jordan's Tip : Make sure you transition slowly in and out of the cleanse. Also, drink TONS of juice and water while you cleanse.  Create time in your schedule to do activities that support the cleanse, like getting a massage and a colonic. Also, get support from someone who knows what they are doing and have them lead you through the process.

My very shy husband, Winston kindly complied with an overview on his decade+ of cleansing history.

My online business coach, Satya Colombo gets into the real guy stuff:
Cleanse History
: I did my first real cleanse less than a year ago. I wanted to do it for years but I was too chicken-sh*t to let go of my food addictions! At the time of writing I'm on the last stretch of a full-on 40 day cleanse.

Why Satya cleanses: I do this because I want to live in my optimal human state. Cleansing has so many badass effects on all levels of the human experience — body, mind, emotion and spirit. Combined with a yoga and meditation practice the senses can be elevated to superhuman states. Another cool effect your partners will appreciate is massive libido. Anyone who's seen a decline in your “male potency” will soon find out it has nothing to do with aging, and everything to do with diet and internal balance. Awesome.

Satya's Tip: All the things you think you need for performance, longevity, well-being are just weak crutches — your coffee, meats, beer, wine, you name it…. If you want to be a real man, buck up, tough it out, and learn to rely on yourself and your innate source energy. it's way more powerful.

Two cents from yoga buddie and integral business dude, Kris Nelson. Why Kris Cleanses: I have cleansed in one way or another most of my life.  I began fasting at the age of 8, mostly for spiritual reasons.  This was a simple day long juice fast once a week.  Later in life, I have engaged more body-oriented cleanses using a variety of disciplines: from The Master Cleanse to Ayurvedic Cleanses.  I don’t follow a specific cycle typically cleansing whenever I feel it’s right and that I am needing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual clarity.  I view cleansing as something that is body oriented but affects me on a variety of levels.

Cleansing, coupled with contemplation and meditation, has always produced signification mental, emotional and physical clarity; an optimal sense of wellness.  I am a huge fan.

Kris's Tip: I recommend setting clear guidelines, goals, and practices.  What do you want to achieve and why?  What are you looking to get out of it?  And, for new cleansers, I recommend starting with something supported by a professional or community, and setting reasonable goals.

Why Jerome Cleanses: The reason I got into it is because I have had for my entire life a weak constitution, seasonal allergies, exercise induced asthma, acne and clogged nose. Four years ago I got rid of gluten and that has basically saved my life – I'm breathing through my nose right now.  Cleansing helps me renew other health habits too like kicking coffee, dairy, chocolate. and it helps restart the habit of three squares a day sans snacks. So what do I get out of it.  The power of health, integrity, and my ability to creatively and proactively chose my experiences regarding food, focus, and feelings.

Jerome's Tip for Guys: Drink as much as you like (juice, green smoothies, herbal teas).  Skullcap was an essential part of headache minimization for me.

Men have to be able to discuss cleansing in a way that makes sense to other guys.  These days I tell people how I'm going to completely heal my gut after 35 years of giving it irritating allergens. Because it’s more science-based than spiritually-based, it makes sense to them.

From my sweet Minnesota cousin, Steven Andrews, who started cleansing with me a few years back.
Why Stevie cleanses: I cleanse to challenge myself to reach new heights of self-awareness, calmness and a centered attitude towards the world around me. With every cleanse I gain confidence, an unusual appreciation of myself that it’s hard to find outside of the cleanse and an awareness of what we are truly capable of.  Come on Cate!  10 days without food?!?  I could never…  Apparently I can!  Thank you Cate!!!

Stevies's tip: Believe in yourself.  Your worth the effort!!  The cleanse is worth the effort.  You’ll likely surprise yourself at how much you get out of it once you commit to it. I started with the Kitchari Monodiet and the Juice Fast for the first couple of cleanses, but went the full monty last year with the Lemonade Diet.  That was amazing. I have a spare bedroom I use while I cleanse.  It helps me to stay focused and not be self-conscious of the daily rituals of cleansing.

From local buddy and photo techie Hans Trupp:
Why Hans Cleanses
:  I cleanse to break patterns from food to media and restart in a more intentional way.

From Han's Tip: Be intentiontal with your environments. Be in a place that helps you adhere to your goals and objective. Choose wisely who you hang out with – don't hang out with people who aren't into healthy stuff when you're cleansing.

Thanks, guys!
If you're a guy and want to tell us why you cleanse or give a tip, please comment.
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  • Richard Hudak
    Posted at 02:13h, 20 April

    The Click to Cleanse link here doesn’t work. It links only to the image of the button.

    I’ve cleansed once before with Cate, in the Fall of 2010. The chief impetus for me to cleanse was to nourish my yoga practice. I didn’t know how to eat to give me energy for my practice without weighing me down. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 25 years, and heading toward vegan. Three answers emerged from the cleanse: to eat in a manner more consistent with my dosha, to juice before a morning practice, and more generally to try to eat more raw foods.

    I’m happy to say that doing these things helped me to lose a little weight, such that people notice, and to give more energy to my practice. Sometimes I also get the comment that I’m more “radiant.”

    I’m back for another round, to deepen my cleanse and to learn that much more.

  • Cate Stillman
    Posted at 02:38h, 20 April

    go you, Radiant Richard. Glad to have you back for the next round!

  • Alex Strickland
    Posted at 16:04h, 23 April

    Great post, Cate. And Winston’s video convinced us to convert the sunroom my husband built into more of a greenhouse. Psyched to have our own veggies, and all the neighborhood kids want to be part of it!

  • Cate Stillman
    Posted at 21:05h, 23 April

    Thanks. Winston said when he watched it he thought he was super boring, but I’ve received great feedback from others. He’s a laid back dude and the simplicity of what has shifted in our nutrient intake is remarkable in its simplicity. Last night we had a booth at Locavores – our local food extravaganza, and he lauched Teton Greenhouse. The interest is overwhelming.

    We spent this morning gardening, after we shoveled the snow off our low tunnels. Everything is coming up. I harvested wheatgrass and bolted radishes (I let them bolt for the greens and stalks). Put everything through the juicer and froze it into icecube trays. I also juiced the burdock root from the store to use during my cleanse. I’m going to write a post soon on Living Foods Sadhana. The connection between garden and kitchen grows stronger each week. Hello.

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