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10 Ayurveda Tips for Intermittent Fasting

I feel like I’m single woman-ly driving SEO for Intermittent Fasting + Ayurveda. Which is cool. I’m digging intermittent fasting and this ongoing experiment I’m doing to increase my mental capacity. I’ve dropped a pant size but haven’t lost any muscle or strength, which is groovy. Not that the pant size matters—it’s more of the experience of deep cellular integrity and efficiency that I’m after. Because why not feel amazing, right? For those who are curious about all this, watch the video. [embed height="500" width="500"][/embed] And if you want to bring a friend for...

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2 Shots Espresso + 1 Gallon Green Juice + 1 Posse

Transparency and Confessions. People always ask me how I ease into detox mode. I have gone into this in the past, but I haven’t always been ready to give you all the nitty gritty details. Now I am. I’m ready to get real with you. Instead of just telling you what YOU should do should do, I’m going to tell you how things actually go down for me. One of the goals I’m toying with right now is to be more transparent. This impulse is probably a by-product of my latest and greatest...

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Men who cleanse

Most of my tribe fits the typical yoga demographic of healthy white women between 30-60. Yet, when I decided to profile men who cleanse, they came out of the woodwork in droves. Without further ado on the why, what, how and their advice for you...

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