10 Ayurveda Tips for Intermittent Fasting

10 Ayurveda Tips for Intermittent Fasting

I feel like I’m single woman-ly driving SEO for Intermittent Fasting + Ayurveda. Which is cool. I’m digging intermittent fasting and this ongoing experiment I’m doing to increase my mental capacity.

I’ve dropped a pant size but haven’t lost any muscle or strength, which is groovy. Not that the pant size matters—it’s more of the experience of deep cellular integrity and efficiency that I’m after. Because why not feel amazing, right?

For those who are curious about all this, watch the video.

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For those who’d rather just scan, these are my current top 10 tips for intermittent fasting in bullet form. If you want an explanation, listen or watch.

10 Ayurveda Tips for Intermittent Fasting

  1. The 16/8 hours are easy. They’re only challenging for a week.
  2. Have a big green smoothie or juice (with soaked chia seeds for great elimination). An hour later, have two eggs/toast/whatever, and then have a big meal about five hours after that.
  3. If you want to evolve what you’re eating, do that after you change WHEN you’re eating.
  4. Practice daily self massage with handfuls of oil.
  5. Don’t give up coffee or tea if you drink it.
  6. Be hydrated!
  7. Eat better oils. I’ve been using avocado and small amounts of organic dark chocolate. When I go back to the USA, I suspect I’ll use more soaked almonds and almond butter.
  8. If you can, sell your dining partners on trying the 16/8 for a week.
  9. Do something you enjoy in the time you’d otherwise be eating. I take a walk, swim, play with family, or do yoga.
  10. Don’t worry about your social calendar in the long run. How you feel opens new gateways and relationships. You’ll find your rhythm. Expect great evolution.


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  • Jo Hall
    Posted at 26 March 2017

    Thanks for this Cate, another great guide to tuning into our innate wisdom. I did the Sept 2016 YogiDetox & one of the biggest (& most fab) life habits I’ve taken up since then is the main meal in the middle of the day. If I haven’t eaten supper by 6 I don’t eat at all – but the joy is that I’m not even hungry in the evenings so have been “accidently” fasting in this way since then. Nice to hear different ways of making 16/8 work to fit in around the odd occasions where a later dinner is hard to avoid. Thanks again & keep on rocking. Xxx
    A deep bow to you all the way from Tasmania

  • David
    Posted at 1 April 2018

    Cate – great tips on intermittent fasting. Can you give a little more detail on play time.that you mentioned in your talk. is watching TV or the Internet banished from the house? Thanks

  • Jelena
    Posted at 25 April 2018

    Hello David, it is good to have walks with friends/family, some physical activity that can be fun and to make tv or internet use one minimum.

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