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Our Top 5 Yogidetox Blog Posts of All Time

Autumn is finally here! And we would like to share to you this week our top 5 detox for fall. These will show you the WHY, HOW, WHEN and were hoping this will inspire you to join our Global Yogidetox  this coming October 12- Nov. 2.Here's our top 5 articles of all time. Enjoy. Interview With Cate On Juice Bar Detox 101 I was asked a bunch of questions by Sarah Murray, a student reporting on the juice bars of Chicago for HUBBUB blog. Here were my answers for "How long to juice...

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Yogidetox Q & A

We are very excited here, over at Yogahealer headquarters about the Yogidetox. I've received so many questions like:can I still go to that bash that's been on the calendar for months? what will this be like if I'm a beginner? what will this be like if I'm an experienced vegan yoga teacher? What is a family cleanse all about? Do I have to do enemas? (No! - but you'll probably get curious). What is a living foods Ayurveda cleanse? Do I have to quit coffee?My friends at Jill's List, who are jumping in with both feet,...

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