Can my Family Detox?

Can my Family Detox?

Benefits of a Family Detox

Here is the deal – we don't realize how much our kids symptoms- physical, emotional and mental – are correlated with their diet. We also don't realize how we can change our cravings. When we don't realize these connections – our kids don't learn to identify them for themselves. The stakes are high.

Should your Family Detox

For the Yogidetox  I've interviewed over a dozen experts for you to hear. In the Yogidetox interview with Valya Boetenko, the daughter in the Raw Food Family, I ask her what she noticed when her family changed their diet. She was astounded by her asthma attacks ceasing, which was huge for her at age 8, who was on inhalers and other meds for the condition. Valya was also astounded that she and her brother Sergei, then 9, started to enjoy each. Historically, they had fought like cats and dogs. When they shifted their diet – they had way more fun together and remain close friends to this day.

In the Yogidetox interviews (part of the course) I've asked many Detox Specialists and doctors about the question of family's detoxing. No one is talking about it. I received a ton of resistance to the questions – you'll hear it in the interviews.

Benefits of a Family Detox

  • Set better day-to-day habits in motion.
  • Avoid allergies, colds, flus & other seasonal issues.
  • Teach your kids the connection between what they eat and how they feel.
  • Get along better and enjoy each other more!

Yet, in my own experience, and with my little family – I've found the results to be like Valya's. Truly outstanding. So simple -and so effective. And the bottom line is this – I want my child to grow up in a family culture that knows-  from the inside out – the benefits of a seasonal clean-up and upleveling of our diet and daily routines. It's that simple.

Top 6 Signs your Family Needs to Detoxpicky_kid

  1. Kids don’t want to eat REAL food.
  2. Snotty noses. Lingering Coughs. Skin break outs. Allergies.
  3. Your fridge is full of beer, dairy, meat and leftovers.
  4.  People aren’t getting along at home. Bickering. Nit-picking. Or full on passive or aggressive brawls.
  5. There is too much stuff in the house and in the drawers.
  6.  Too much screen time and not enough deep rest.

What is a Family Detox?

A family detox can take many different forms. It's going to start with a discussion to see who is “in”. Anyone who isn't in – that is fine. Before the discussion – you want to identify motivating factors for each person. Perhaps your spouse has been complaining about carrying an extra 10 lbs. Perhaps you've spending too much dough on food and not feeling nourished. Perhaps your lives have become complicated and you're desiring simplicity. In the Yogidetox course I have a video showing you where to begin the conversation – and where to take it for those who are “in”.

A family detox is a set period of time (1-3 days for beginners, 4-7 days for advanced families) in which members of the family who want to participate take up better diet and lifestyle choices.

Don't make it more complicated that it needs to be. All we're doing is:

  • Intentionally choosing foods that are really good for the body
  • Going to bed earlier
  • Doing a quick mindfulness practice daily

It doesn't need to be more complicated than that. Our families and our kids need better food and better rest. It's much easier when we don't feel like we're the only family making better decisions. Join the movement. We will support you.

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