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The YogiDetox Transformation with Grace Edison

The YogiDetox experience is one that involves complex emotions and challenges. While its rewards can be astounding, it is definitely not an easy journey. Grace Edison explains that before her detoxing experiences, she was not in touch with her emotions and their influence over her actions. Subconsciously experiencing an emotional trigger would lead to her eating comfort food without understanding why.A detox from things we are addicted to can aid us in realizing why we actually seek these comforts in the first place.Grace and Carly discuss that YogiDetox is not...

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Intermittent Fasting For Yogis

Intermittent fasting for Yogis

Intermittent fasting is more than a way to eat. It is a lifelong journey of refining and creating space in your mind and your body. Cate used to experience challenges with her weight, food sensitivities, and her overall health. In our modern complex world, we often feel stressed, rushed and overwhelmed. Through intermittent fasting, Cate discovered a way to bring back a rhythm into her life that allows her to do so much more with much less. Cate and Jessica discuss how establishing a regular rhythm in our diets allows...

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Why We Need Accountability Partners

Jessica Graham Robinson and Neve Grace Fletcher share their experiences having accountability partners in a group setting and why this can be so crucial and life changing. The women share their stories about meeting each other and working together one on one to help shift each others perspectives, let go of old habits, and transform into more radiant versions of themselves. If you find yourself in a new situation where you are hoping to grow and uplevel yourself, having a buddy in this process is invaluable! An accountability partner is...

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Coming of Age in the Monastery with Kung Fu Master Yuan Jing

As a young boy, Kung Fu Master Yuan Jing has learnt to live the life of a monk. Born in an impoverished village in China, he and his younger brother were among the fortunate ones since they were chosen at a young age to live in the Shaolin Temple to become masters in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Meditation.He has lived the life of a monk since he was a boy waking at 5:30 a.m. to the routine of meditation, training and discipline. The temple is located high in the...

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