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OMG! – Do I have Ama? What is it and How do I heal it?

Do you wake up feeling groggy, sluggish, unclear, or ready for more sleep? Do you feel stuck, weighed down, or lethargic? Or perhaps your clothes don’t fit quite as well as they used to? If you said yes to any of these questions, there’s a good chance you have ama in your system and need to clear it out. ‘Ama’ is undigested material (food, emotions, issues) that sticks around in our physical and mental bodies, weighing us down and making us feel foggy and tired, instead of light and clear....

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Ayurveda, The Yoga Business Model, and Staying Whole, Healthy and Connected with Pleasance Siliki

On today’s Dharma and Dollars show I rap with Pleasance Siliki about her life in the yoga world in D.C., owning her own business, raising a family, and staying healthy and rested through it all. We chat about starting your own business and the importance of feeling successful, integrous, and aligned with your core beliefs in the process. We discuss daily rhythms and habits, dosha types, Ayurveda and how this important ancient Indian practice shows up everywhere in life. We discuss the utmost importance of getting sound sleep, simplifying our...

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