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What it Feels like to Break Your Income Barrier

Today we’re going to talk about what happens when you break through an income barrier. I feel like there are usually a lot of setbacks that happen along the way; usually it is up and down and often feels horrible. Gay Hendricks, in The Big Leap, really translates yogic concepts into pop psychology terms. Our nervous systems are trained to hold a certain amount of energy. When we practice yoga, we expand the amount of energy we can contain. Money is a form of energy, and like yoga, requires awareness...

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Barbara Stanny: Women’s Path to Power through Money

Barbara Stanny wrote Secrets of Six Figure Women in 2004. It took me a few years to hear about it. When I read it - I was probably earning around $60k a year. Not bad. Roughly 2x the median (women earn about $31k). I was getting interested in my power. I was getting interested in my potential.When I read this now relic of a book a few bulbs went off. All of the sudden six figures went from being way out in left field to the center of home plate....

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Busting Glass Ceilings on the Dharmic Path with Grace Edison

I Rap with Grace Edison, tribe member and yogahealer team member, about busting through self-imposed glass ceiling.We also dive into  how to clean up your space and aligning your bodies top open the pathway to abundance and thrive. Are your habits elevating or depressing your goals? Listen and reevaluate.You'll also hear how moving through conditioned beliefs allows up to continue punching through to the next level in her Dharma and career. Become aware of exactly how you are capping our wildest dreams, how to break this habit.In this conversation I...

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