What is Dharma?

What is Dharma?

The next few posts will be dedicated to my new book ‘Master of You’, which I wrote over the past few years and was inspired by the curriculum of our course Awake Living. ‘Master of You’ is based on the five elements of Ayurveda, and it reiterates that the more you can connect to nature, the more you can connect to the power of you.

If you are ready to start living your life on purpose and connect deeper with your own unique journey, don’t miss this opportunity and get your copy of ‘Master of You’, which is being released on March 17. It comes with a free workbook, so it is easy for you to start doing the work.

‘Master of You’ is, ultimately a book about Dharma, or about your deeper purpose. But What is Dharma? Dharma has had different translations over the years. Ancient translations root the meaning of dharma as to uphold an obligation or to support firmly. Medieval translations describe it as duty, law or right action. While New Age coined it as sole purpose or life purpose. With less cultural roles and rules than our ancestors, our freedom with Dharma is more accessible, unleashed, and tangible than ever.

I can’t wait until …

For most people life is fine. Ask someone how they’re doing and that is most likely the answer – ‘fine’. In the yogic tradition, full realization is the goal. And full is the keyword here. In order to live a full existence, doing ‘fine’ is not enough. You want to thrive and that means being awake to who you are, and not selling yourself short.

Transformation is key if we are looking to shift culture. May it be our family culture, work culture or home culture. If we want to perform better, in any aspect of our lives, transformation is required. The transformation you want is the process that allows you to live your life aligned to your purpose and potential.

What I built in ‘Master of You’ is an organized system, an organized sequential flow that leads to self-mastery, with your Dharma. But in order to apply the system, and align your çife with purpose, you have to know what that purpose is. What I found out, over the years, is that there is a little trick to awaken your ambition. Fill in the blank: I can’t wait until…

Over the years, most of my students found it hard to state what it was exactly they wanted. But they usually knew what they didn’t want anymore. They were more awake to what was going on in their lives that wasn’t working. They are overwhelmed by their circumstances and disconnected from their purpose.

If you buried your desires and with them your powerful purpose, it's time to dig them out, dust it off and treat them like the exquisite jewels that are at the root of your being. You can learn how to listen to dharma, and give it the gravity it deserves in the conversation of what is next for you to become. In the process, you make the shift from feeling like life is on top of you to feeling like you're on top of life.

Who I'd like to become next is …

When you're growing up in the Western world, you are asked the question –  what do you want to do when you grow up? People don’t really ask ‘who are you?’ and ‘what's your purpose to fulfill?’. Those are the important questions to ask if you want to uphold a mission that's true to you, that only you can do, snowflake.

It can feel big and heavy, and that's when you need to break it into chapters, like a book. When you think of a book 63,800 words, it’s a lot, it's exhausting, but a chapter, you can do a chapter, a few pages, a section, a paragraph.

When you start to break it down, and look for the themes, what are the themes of your book of you? What are the themes of this purpose that you're here to uphold, to fulfill? And, what's in the next chapter? If we get into, what's the book so far, and what's the next chapter. We can start to back up and see the bigger themes and take aligned action in a way that there's efficiency, and progress and a flow that starts to become possible.

Imagine you can be anyone next, who would you like to become next? it's important to leave the rational mind aside, like let that rational mind,  go for, as my dad would say, a long walk off a short pier. And let that out, let the dogs out, and just play. Where does your imagination go?

The next purpose hidden at the very root of myself may be …

Figuring out who you are meant to become can be an incredible process, playful and imaginative. When you try to fill in the blanks and start writing down some options, and then read them and write more, you are thinking beyond your normal threshold of your pattern mind, thinking beyond the rational mind, that's when liminal thinking is most active. So as you read your words before you go to bed, and when you wake up, edit them, edit them to be true.

Just like a bike mechanic trues the spokes of a wheel to remove the wobble to align the spokes, and to optimize efficiencies. So you're awakening the creative agent in your life an identity that you'll develop through mastering you, and in this self-mastery process, you will honor your root. Reoccurring desires to guide your future to steer your path.

I hope I’ve answered the question of ‘What is Dharma?’, and hopefully that awoke something inside. Over the next few posts, I will dive deeper into how you can use Dharma to organize your environment, and achieve your goals. If you feel ready to start your transformation, book a free conversation with someone on my team to talk about you and your dreams and if there's a way we can help you we'll let you know the next steps.

Cate Stillman
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