What is Vata Dosha

What is Vata Dosha

Are you constantly moving? Do you have a ton of ideas but poor follow through? You might have a predominance of Vata Dosha. Find out everything about how to make the best of this Dosha on our podcast!


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What is Dosha?
  • What is Vata Constitution?
  • What are Vata imbalances?


Links Mentioned in Episode:



Show Highlights:

  • Cate explains why Ayurveda can seem hard to learn and understand
  • Cate shares the difficulty of having Vata predominance in the modern world
  • Cate dives deeper into how Vatas can create resilience



  • 05:13 – Understand the meaning of Vata
  • 14:54 – Physical qualities of Vata
  • 17:35 – Emotional traits of Vata
  • 20:41 – Keeping your energy as a Vata
  • 22:48 -Symptoms of Vata Dosha


Favorite Quotes:

  • “Some people have less than, less than a teddy bear, fuzzy cozy personality. People can have roughness in their skin. These are ways that we might see the quality of rough. Vata is also subtle. Even when you start thinking about how huge this universe, you live in actually is.”
  • “They have, in so many ways, these incredible, innate superpowers that are all about being like a super-sensitive instrument. And what can be so hard about being a Vata, about having Vata predominance in your constitution is that the modern world is hyper-stimulated.”
  • “Netflix says its biggest competitor is sleep.”
  • “the biggest issue for most modern-day Vatas, is that life in the modern world is very challenging, right? There's a lot of draws in your attention. There's a lot of opportunities, there's too much to do. The endless to-do list can all get done and you are limited. You're limited in your energy.”
Cate Stillman
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  • Jill Mills
    Posted at 19:05h, 20 February

    So helpful. I’m new to ayurveda and this was so informative. Thanks!

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