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Working online vs. in person in your wellness career with Rachel Cook and Amanda Cook

Working online vs. in person in your wellness career with Rachel Cook and Amanda Cook

If you’re a breathing human in 2016 you’ve heard the reel that you can make a million online. And this is true. I know from personal experience. It’s just that it’s a little complicated. Were here to have this conversation. What can online do for you? What can offline do for you? Let’s find out

These are the meaty question I discuss with my sister wellness career coaches, Rachel Cook and Amanda Cook.

Why you want to tune in:

  • Decipher the benefits of being online for YOU
  • Decipher the most streamlines, least complicated approach for you
  • Avoid everything you; DONT need to be doing

Recipe of the Week: Lambsquarter Salad

Lamb’s quarter- aka the Prince of Wild Greens – aka all good; – is insanely mineral rich. The leaves exude a dusting of mineral salts. 1 cup of lambs quarter has 73 % of what you need Vitamin A for the day and 96 % of what you need of Vitamin C. Its seeds, related to quinoa, are a complete protein, containing all 8 essential amino acids. They are one of the earliest crops fond to be a staple of the human diet. Boom.

Stupidly simple way to enjoy your superweed:

4 cups of lamb’s quarter – leaves and tender stems Handful of your favorite cheese (or use goat cheese) Olive Oil, Lemon juice, Garlic curl Salt + Black Pepper Fresh herbs: thyme, basil, oregano.

Put the lambs quarter and cheese in your favorite personal big salad bowl. Add the cheese. Then mix together the other stuff and toss. Adjust to capture the 6 tastes. Print your 6 Tastes Tip Sheet

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