What Yoga Teachers can learn from Ayurveda

What Yoga Teachers can learn from Ayurveda

As a yoga teacher you learn Svastha – to be seated in the Self. As you learn yoga… you'll keep bumping into Ayurveda. It's the same coin – with Yoga on one side and Ayurveda on the other. As you start to move deeper into your body, you start to crave the system of Ayurveda. It becomes a lens in which to understand your body and your students bodies. You'll find you become much more effective as a teacher when you have the system of Ayurveda in your awareness.

As yoga teachers mature they want to know more about Ayurveda. They get a sense that knowing the basic theory and practices of Ayurveda is a game-changer for how we age. As yoginis we want to age gracefully, easefully, with sukha.

Ayurveda is all about aligning with nature's rhythms and adopting the bigger rhythms as our body rhythms. We make changes in our day-to-day life… and are able to teach these simple changes to our yoga students. We develop a depth of knowing… of living wisdom… for ourselves and for those around us.

Simple, common sense body wisdom that is what Ayurveda is all about. Ayurveda co-evolves with you, with your family, and with your yoga students.

If you want Ayurveda Wisdom for yourself and your students… check out the free Ayurveda Training via video or my Living Ayurveda Course.


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