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Your Bodies Nitrogen Cycle: Nitric Oxide and the Biochemistry of Urine Therapy

Your Bodies Nitrogen Cycle: Nitric Oxide and the Biochemistry of Urine Therapy

Podcast Intro:

Welcome to another episode of YogaHealer Podcast. Is Detoxifying your body through urine therapy really worth the risk? A lot of things happen in your body when you decide to drink urine. We must learn why it’s effective and the science behind it. Cate and Fabian will talk about what nitric oxide activates in your body, and how surprisingly urine affects your body, and what benefits it provides for you to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Any of the diseases of chronic systemic inflammation are all fall under the category of chronic systemic inflammation. Chronic systemic inflammation is the same thing as depletion of nitric oxide and nitric oxide is one nitrogen atom in one oxygen atom. Hydrogen does the anti-inflammation side as well. These things all happen inside your body that you’re not probably aware of.

Let’s learn more about the biochemistry of Urine Therapy, Nitric Oxide, and your Body’s Nitrogen Cycle to understand how it works its wonders and find out the science behind why Urine Therapy is effective. Let’s listen to Fabian to learn more! 

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What activates nitric oxide in the body?
  • How does urine become nourishing for our body?
  • How does urine change molecularly in the living culture process?



  • Cate shares about dealing with simplicity and opposites to understand the whole system.
  • Cate talks about how she spent a lot of time learning about nitric oxide.
  • Cate talks about DMT


  • 10:00- 13:13 (How the body is able to remember and redo rejuvenation)
  • 16:19- 17:38 (Hydrogen in the brain)
  • 26:37-38:00 (Urine in aging itself)


  • [Cate] – “From people starting to drink their urine, they start to realize deeper levels of hydration. But it’s a different type of hydration.mOne that has something to do with the experience of saturation, where you’re going towards an experience of your microbiome being deeply nourished.”
  • [Fabian] – “Once you retake that back in, what you’re doing is you’re compounding on your energy level. You’re only increasing the previous amount of energy that you had, which means that you’re actually empowering yourself, and you’re encouraging growth within your vessel.”
  • [Fabian] – “It’s best to use urine in conjunction with your circadian rhythm. It’s going to increase your level of serotonin. But it’s also going to increase your levels of GABA. GABA receptors are the ones that bring calmness to your nervous system and calm your mental state of being.”
  • [Fabian] – “The negative charge is what gives you the euphoric ecstatic feeling.”

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