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Yoga Teaching Through Instagram with Robin Martin

Yoga Teacher Robin Martin has over 200,000 followers on Instagram tracking her practice, her progress, and her teaching. We review her journey from yoga student to mom to acro yogi to yoga teacher to instragram yogalebrity. Her medium is photography. She reveals how she grew her audience and how she's turning Instagram into a teaching platform. Who knew? I rap with Robin Martin about using Instagram as a platform for teaching yoga - Why she started posting - How she takes her pics - What she feeds her kids What else you’ll get out of tuning...

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Career Episode #4: Uplevel your Wellness Income + Impact with Rachel Cook and Amanda Cook

If you want to make more money, my question to you is: Who do you need to become to exchange more value in the marketplace? I brought this question to the table with sister yogi-preneurs Rachel Cook + Amanda Cook. We all had a lot to say on the topic from our personal trenches of income upleveling. What You’ll Learn in this Episode How to be of greater service to earn more How to enroll your peeps to provide more value What happens in the undercharging cycle Why you want to spend less time worrying about...

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Print + Pin to Fridge

5 Steps to Your Reset

A Reset mode is a lovely time out. Often we wait until we’re sick to take time out of life. This sets up a pattern that feeds the disease process. Instead, we can train ourselves to crave a seasonal time out. When we take time out twice a year to slow down, to rejuvenate, to heal, to reset, we give ourselves a chance to update our habits in line with who we want to be now. And, we update our habits in line with who we want to become. ...

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Detoxes and diets…Get beyond the label and into the evolution

Detoxes and diets

I’ve been “raw”. I’ve been “ayurvedic”. I’ve even dabbled in “paleo ayurvedic.” We all know labels are limiting. But, we’ve also experienced how specific diets raise our body awareness and teach us new kitchen skills. ...

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2016 Body Habits & Post-Holiday-Reset with Ayurveda

2016 Body Habits & Post-Holiday-Reset with Lissa Coffey

It’s just two Ayurvedic gals talking about what our post-holidays look like in terms of our rituals and habits. Today’s episode gets you centered while teaching you how to reverse engineer the habits to meet your 2016 goals. This is rocket science, but I make it exceedingly simple. ...

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Sadie Nardini Podcast Yoga Show

Recipe for Reinvention with Sadie Nardini + DJ Taz

At the Yoga Journal conference last week, my path crossed  Sadie Nardini and DJ Taz.  We recorded in a hot car at Estes Park, with the windows closed for better audio quality. We hope you appreciate that extra pit-stinking effort we made for you, listeners. We enjoyed conversing together, so if you like this, share it, and we're more likely to do it again. The conversation goes past the surface level of reinvention as a simple career change to the deeper level of changing your habits, creating a better relationship with yourself, and fostering...

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purge your home

Purge Your Home

Purging: Clear Out the Stagnant to Awaken your next revolution Hot topics in this episode of the Yogahealer Real Life Show are: Cate's living foods apple + sprouted buckwheat granola recipe Interview with Feng Shui + Yoga expert, Tenaya Kolar, about how to purge your home, and the concept of cleaning up your physical space when you clean your body Q+A with Cailaiya:  Eczema from an Ayurvedic perspective In the Purge Your Home interview you learn how to: Complement and support your physical cleanse with a clear out of your space Seize the energetic potential of the time of year Use the process of purging to...

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The Detox Mindset + Recipe for Travel

I’ve been leading Detox groups for over a decade. In this week’s episode of the YogaHealer Real Life Show I’ll be sharing how a Detox can take you beyond a green smoothie and move you into reshaping your destiny. We will talk about: The experience of being empowered when you regain control of your physiology How to take the detoxing experience beyond physiology How detoxing will allow you to rediscover your inner wisdom Why detoxing will benefit everyone you come into relationship with How detoxing will expand your horizons What we mention in this episode: Developing the...

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Patricia Albere podcast interview

Patricia Albere + the Evolutionary Collective

Some people live at the edge and usher forth the next wave. Patricia Albere is one such evolutionary. You'll love this dialogue. As the founder of the Evolutionary Collective, Patricia Albere’s work on spiritual awakening is at the forefront of the collective consciousness movement. Moving beyond individual transformation and the limits of personal growth – Patricia creates the space for a mutual awakening into a unity consciousness and transforms what is possible in the spaces between us.  Join us as we explore what we can learn and who we can become...

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Ayurvedic Recipe for disaster

Ayurvedic Recipe for Disaster

Lately in the podcast I've included a recipe. In this week's podcast is the Recipe for Disaster. You see, I got snot. And when I listened to a few of my friends, I heard tales of sore throats, flus, and sinus infections. The Recipe for Disaster Ignore that you palette is shifting. Ignore your food blahs. Say in the same food pattern. Stir in a night or two of poor sleep. Add a handful of stress. Any kind will do. Overscheduling yourself works every time. Add a pinch of congestion or constipation - cook's choice. Now, when...

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