10 Ideas for Staying Healthy and Safe in a Pandemic Summer

10 Ideas for Staying Healthy and Safe in a Pandemic Summer

With summer upon us and pandemic restrictions loosening, many of us are breathing a sigh of relief and slowly coming out of our homes. While it can be easy to fall into our old routines, it’s important to remember that safety and health still need to be priority. This includes maintaining best practices with hygiene, but it also means continuing to tend to our physical and mental health. There will be a lot of bumps along the way as we enter a new phase of uncertainty in the summer. To help you stay true to yourself safely, we’ve put together 12 resources to guide you along the way.


What do looser restrictions look like?

This is where each state is during its phased reopening


Is coronavirus still a considerable threat right now?

When will coronavirus peak and end


What sort of safety precautions should I still be taking?
Experts weigh in on what’s safe and what’s not when going out this summer


Is it safe to return to the yoga studio or gym?
How yoga and fitness studios are reopening  post-COVID-19


Can I go out to eat or go shopping?

A guide to shopping and dining out as states reopen


I’m still anxious and uncomfortable about venturing out.

How to manage anxiety as your community reopens


Maintaining a clean home is still a priority for me.

Cleaning tips to keep your home free of coronavirus


I’m still having trouble finding safe cleaning products.

Keep germs out of your home with these all-natural DIY cleaners


Is it safe for my house cleaner to return to work in my home?
Caregivers and house cleaners: What a safe return to work after lockdown might look like


Should I hire out a service now for a deep cleaning?

How to research prices and rates if you decide to hire a cleaning service.