Achieve your goals

Achieve your goals

As people on the wake-up-and-live-fully path, we are very involved in our personal growth.

We set intentions, goals, resolutions. We want to be better than we are currently.

We live the paradox of being both whole and complete and with consciously engaging our evolving edges.

We have the best intentions. Yet, we often fall short of our goal. Why? Most of us haven't been taught:

How To Achieve Your Goals.

Enjoy this 55 minute interview with my brilliant life coach, Dr. Cindy Lou Golin. She identifies how we unwittingly sabotage our goals with our behavior. She will guide you through:

  • A practical strategy to achieve your goals.
  • Building trust by keeping agreements with yourself.
  • Why and how ego defense patterns arise when we try to achieve our goals.
  • How to very small, but concrete action steps in line with your goals.
  • How to activate your peeps in supporting your in achieving your goals.
Cindy Lou

Cate interviews Dr. Cindy Lou Golin, an extraordinary integral life coach. Tactics and practical strategy to empower your potential personal growth.  (52 minutes). To step into your potential and uncover your shadow, work with Cindy Lou 1-1. She is our coach for the Yogahealer Mentors Club. You can contact her here. Please let her know I sent you 🙂

I want to hear what changes your approach to achieving your goals after you listen. Please comment below.

Cate Stillman
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