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Awake Living Course


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Dharma is the duty to live the life that only you can live. Dharma will access all of your unique genius, life experience, skills, assets, and resources to become only who YOU can become. We believe that living a life of purpose, aligned action with dharma, leads you to become the greatest version of yourself.

A 1+ year course, mentored by Cate, for spiritual warriors on a path to live a bigger, brighter purpose and get better results in their life. 

#1 Dharma Course based on the 5 Elements of Ayurveda for those wanting to take their life up a notch and
activate their greater purpose.

Based on Cate Stillman's newest book... Master of You
(Release March 2020):
A Five-Point System to Synchronize Your Body, Your Home and Your Time.... with your Ambitions.

The One Year Awake Living Course:

Align your Life to a Deeper Purpose and Greater Results. Take back your time, refine your space, increase your capacity, and live a life of dharma. 

Cate's Awake Living Course is for people committed to a growth path who want to synchronize their body, their home and their time with their ambitions. This is a dharma, or life-purpose course, that is innovative, and practical for you to invent your life in line with your goals. That’s a lot. And that’s where we shine.

  • Empower your dharma directly from the 5 elements
  • Align your home to your dharma

  • Take Back Your Time

  • Being part of an intimate Dharma Mastermind Group

  • Uplevel your intergrity and deepen your capacity for a greater purpose
  • Systematically steer your next personal Identity Evolution

  • Learn effective strategy for reaching higher goals

  • Deepen your personal integrity

  • AYURVEDA Habits Training

Awake Living is Cate Stillman’s innovative life and dharma design course. The five-element theory from Ayurveda is especially sophisticated and honed to help humans evolve in body, culture, spirit and purpose. Each element - space, air, fire, water, and earth - behold an essential power. Awake Living is the course for those who want to accelerate their progress and expand their potential. 

This course is her guided implementation practice community for her newest book, Master of You (Sounds True, March 2020). Both are based on the ancient 5-element theory from Ayurveda and Yoga, with simple core competencies and action steps to activate personal and collective potential. This work is innovative, futuristic yet ancient, timely and impactful.

Awake Living reconnects you to the five elements to design the future you want to experience. You become skillful in perceiving and directing the five elements, steering toward your ambitions—daily, seasonally, annually, and through the stages of your life. Simultaneously, the Awake Living Course awakens your joy, ease, creativity, health, and relationships. Through developing your hidden powers of space, earth, fire, air, and water, you captain your life from your soul. Your identity, your sense of time, your dharma will expand. You will expand and make a deep shift from unconscious stress to purposeful ease. 

In the Awake Living Course, you will befriend the elements as you activate your hero’s or heroine’s journey into your unique creative potential, your dharma. Cate and the Awake Living Mentors guide you through synchronizing your home, your body, your vision, and your time so you can experience a life of flow and integrity in fulfilling your ambition.

What happens in the Awake Living Course:

Awake Living Course with Cate Stillman

"The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short."

—Abraham Maslow,
Road Signs for Success

"Ayurveda recommends integrating your “being” into your “doing,” so that your life is your “practice.”

—Sebastian Pole,
Discovering the True You with Ayurveda

You have to master yourself.”

—My cab driver in Atlanta on June 13, 2019.

You will learn cutting-edge and practical Ayurveda for your personal evolution. 

Designing Your Bigger, Better Future...
On Your Terms


As you move from Body Thrive into Awake Living you'll unearth the deeper dreams you have for your life. This is a step-by-step process to bring your future into your present, while leveraging your past. You'll jumpstart Identity Evolution in action.


Earth is  how you live in sync with your body’s needs—your body rhythms—and intentionally “design” your body through your habits. In mastering earth element, you honor your body rhythms and grow your immune strength. You reinforce and continually improve the best habits for your body to steer toward radiant longevity. 

Earth: Master of Body  

A master of space element experiences unencumbered personal freedom and creativity. To get there, you will shape the spaces you inhabit with intentional design. You will design your spaces intentionally to improve your mental clarity, focus, intuition, and clairvoyance and to nurture your identity evolution into the present.

Space: Master of Home

With light you can see, envision possibilities, and visualize a brighter future. The focused mental fire discerns which actions lead to outcomes and which causes generate the desired effects. This discernment of all possibilities into a clarified, specified vision requires the burning laser focus of the fire element. With fire, you develop your best strategy and then your best possible plan. 

Fire: Master of Ambition


Design Thinking and the principles behind lean start-up and strategic planning, combined with ancient Ayurvedic and Yogic philosophy are the backdrop of Awake Living. Next you'll learn the ethos that accelerates growth, depth and identity evolution.

As a business woman, Cate has been extraordinarily successful. Her experience in scaling ideas into income, leadership, and team building are a handy backdrop of the Awake Living Experience for anyone looking to break an income glass ceiling. 


We often don't think in terms of how quickly or easefully we can reach our goals. But, in Awake Living we do! You will become more skillful with your awareness, time, resources, and energy to become results-focused for your future self. As a result, you'll start to live a life beyond your wildest dreams!


As Ryan Holiday recently wrote, "The fact is, the people we surround ourselves with help set the baseline for what we think is ok, what we think is possible and what we’re exposed to." In Awake Living we surround you with mentors, leaders and member who are on a path of a deeper dharma, and getting real results in real time. 



Water is the healing element that joins your past with your potential. Water heals the rifts or integrity gaps that need cohesion to propel the vision of your future. Water invites us to become smarter over time, surfacing our past naïveté, and outdated habits and patterns. Water’s end result is ease, flow, and prosperity. 

Water: Master of Integrity, Flow + Currency

To activate vision, movement is required. Movement is the primary quality of the air element, and movement measures time. In mastering air element, you increase your competency with what you can move forward in a block of time. You’ll master structuring your time with distinct choices. Air element invites you to become a master of your time, via your schedule and daily rhythm for peak performance and creativity, fueled by deep rejuvenation and rest. 

Air: Master of Time

The Master of You program rides the evolutionary current—the golden spiral of you—from right here, right now, and into the future. In traversing the spiral, you’ll ride the momentum of your learnings, accomplishments, and achievements thus far to fuel your next purpose.

Master of Identity Evolution

Body Thrive starts: May 7, 2020
Awake Living starts:  May 14, 2020

May 2020

Awake Living Team Leader
Rachel Peters

Head Coach:
Cate Stillman

Body Thrive starts: August 6, 2020
Awake Living starts:  August 13, 2020

August 2020

Awake Living Team Leader
Rachel Peters

Head Coach:
Cate Stillman

Body Thrive starts: November 5, 2020
Awake Living starts:  November 4, 2020

November 2020

Awake Living Team Leader
Rachel Peters

Head Coach:
Cate Stillman

Body Thrive starts: February 6, 2020
Awake Living starts:  February 6, 2020

February 2020

Awake Living Team Leader
Rachel Peters

Head Coach:
Cate Stillman

First, you start with a quarter (12 weeks) of Body Thrive. You'll be mentored to deepen your habits to build resilience and capacity for dharma. 

Here is how it happens:

After your first quarter of Body Thrive, you'll start your year long training with Cate + the Awake Living Mentors. You'll receive a webinar lesson per week, and access to multiple live sessions each month. 

Live sessions include 1-1 coaching gyms with your Awake Living Mentor, Live Group Coaching with Cate, and Laser Coaching Office Hours with your Awake Living Mentors.  This helps you implement the curriculum throughout the year. 

You'll become part of an Awake Living Mastermind group. Each group has 3-6 Awake Living Members, and a specific session forward and groundrules to give your group traction. Youll work through the Awake Living Workbook and help eachother accelerate your growth. 

Awake Living Coaching Sessions with Cate Stillman

Monthly Awake Living All Community Laser Coaching Live Sessions with head coach, Cate Stillman

Body Thrive Live Sessions -Weekly for 12 months

This should be used to tell your visitors how the process works.


Awake Living Coaching Gyms

Up to twice a month you can have 1-1 Coaching Gyms with your Awake Living Mentors.  Coaching gyms boost your progress by helping you dissolve road blocks and inertia quickly. On the spot troubleshooting with an experienced mentor will quickly accelerate your path of purpose and identity evolution. 

Awake Living Office Hours

Community is our method. Each month Awake Living Office Hours with the Leadership team coach you and your comrades forward on your journey into a deeper dharma. 

Cate's Lives

Every few weeks, Cate speaks exclusively to the Awake Living Community from the perspective of a member of Awake Living. She shares her up to date journey on the path of a bigger dharma. Her tips a few times a month will bolster you to work the system, and systemize your own identity evolution.

Live Session Recordings are available with 24 hours.

You aren't expected to access all the support. You can pick and choose what works for your schedule and your learning curve. 

Body Thrive Coaching Gyms (1-1 Support)

You'll be able to schedule a monthly coaching gym with your Body Thrive Assistant to troubleshoot your own personal or family habit evolution.

Your Awake Living Mastermind Group

You'll be invited into an Awake Living Mastermind Group with your peers. Our Mastermind groups accelerate course implementation, while building friendships around the planet.

Awake Living Community Forum

As a Awake Living member you'll access our member's only forum to ask questions and update on your progress.

Awake Living Workbook

Over 100 pages of the Awake Living Workbook walks you through exercises to attune to dharma, to build strategies to bigger goals, and to work your strategy into time. 

Awake Living Weekly Webinars

Awake Living is the most progressive curriculum at Yogahealer. You'll be guided week by week through Cate's webinars (average 20 minutes). 

Awake Living Weekly Emails

You'll receive weekly emails explaining where you are at in the curriculum, unpacking that week's lesson, and pointing you to the webinar. The emails are engaging and action-packed to keep you on track to your bigger dreams.

The Awake Living Course will bring you through a complete evolutionary revolution into your dharma.

Who you are will expand.
Your sense of time will expand.
Your dharma will expand.
You will expand.

And, more fundamentally, you'll make a deep shift from 
stress to ease. Sometimes our stress is sublte. 

It's below the surface, buried in a busy world, 

a busy life.


If you crave more time, more space, less to do...

If your inner abundance and outer abundance are out of sync....

If your body needs an overhaul to age well, you have landed on the right webpage. I'm glad we've connected. 

My name is Cate Stillman

and I’m the creatrix behind the

Awake Living Course,

founder of Yogahealer.com,

the Yogidetox,

and YogaHealthCoaching.com. Author of Body Thrive. Author of Master of You (release 2020)

Stories from Awake Living Members

"I’m loving Awake Living!

This skill-building course is optimizing my life. I’m noticing the ease and efficiency in my way of being. Not only did I clear my living and office space. I’m in charge of my day, instead of the old chaotic rush in charge of me! I’m in the driver’s seat with more clarity and purpose. 

For the first time, my vision is connected to my calendar. Life’s distractions are falling away and my relationships are improving. Family systems are integrating with our values and I’m free from hours of chores on the weekends. Feeling the joy and letting go of the old way of being. This course is evolutionary, a game-changer. Thank you, Cate Stillman."

 - Sarah O"Neill

"Awake living has taken my time, space, and life management to a whole new level. It has provided the tools and skills to create systems to carry out my dharma with more ease and integrity. The heart connection with the other members of the group has wonderful. I love this course!

- Dana Skoglund  

I'm a new person after taking the Awake Living Course. It's given me the framework I've needed to implement big changes in my business, but more importantly, it facilitated personal breakthroughs and helped bring awareness to unconscious blocks that had been hindering me for years. While it was not easy, it has been so worth it. I'm now much more grounded and happy, my relationships with loved ones, especially my husband, have transformed, and I'm more compassionate and joyful in my work.

 - Suzanne Lynch

I've spent a lot of money over the years as part of my "continuing education" and I can honestly say that Awake Living has been one of the best investments yet. From improving the home environment, to breaking through self-imposed limits and then right down to the basics of how to schedule all that needs to be done.

I love that the program is not simply conceptual--it's shirt sleeves rolled up, let's work through it together. Which means you get results! The group of like-minded others is also such a gift! Thank you Cate!

-Sally Burgess

“Awake Living is the Most Innovative Life Design Course

based on Ayurveda + Yoga. Through working with Cate my life has made a 360' shift. Cate's teachings are the edge of innovation - 20 years in the future... appearing in the present. She simplifies the complexity of your modern life.”

Annette Shellenbarger: Yoga Teacher, Yoga Health Coach, Registered Nurse

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