Ambassadors of Ayurveda – Unite!

Ambassadors of Ayurveda – Unite!

27 Ayurveda Experts have Gathered

…to help you evolve on your wellness path and spiritual journey! Listen to the best teachers of this ancient healing wisdom, from East and West, at The Ayurveda Summit, November 9-16.

Yoga teachers, Ayurvedic practitioners, doctors and those who want to tap into the deep wisdom of Ayurveda will benefit from The Ayurveda Summit. Furthermore, understand the full scope of Ayurveda in the East and the West for yourself and your business, from the root wisdom all the way through to its modern application. Join the online conversation about this ancient healing wisdom from November 9-16.

Did you know? People who use meditation and relaxation techniques may be physiologically younger by 12 to 15 years. Join me at The Ayurveda Summit and learn how to dramatically slow the aging process with self-care techniques more than 5,000 years old.

Online and free from November 9-16.

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At this summit, November 9-16, 2015, you’ll take part in the modern Ayurveda conversation supported by the biggest leaders in Ayurveda. Join us as an affiliate to collaborate and give your community access to the most progressive conversation happening in the world of Ayurveda today!

Join us as an affiliate today (at no cost) and help the world learn more about Ayurveda!


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