Plan Your 2016 for Yoga Teachers + Wellness Pros with Tina Forsyth

Plan Your 2016 for Yoga Teachers + Wellness Pros with Tina Forsyth

If I were to ask you to tell me about your vision for your wellness career or your next big project – you could probably tell me about it easily, with lots of energy and excitement.

Now, if I ask you about how you are going to bring that vision to the light – ask about the planning part – my guess is that excitement will drop off dramatically and the conversation will get a whole lot more difficult.

In order to grow our careers, to manifest projects,  and reach our goals, we need to take an honest look at both our assets and our short falls. In the asset column – we yogis are life-positive visionaries. On the deficit side, we tend to lack skills in planning, scheduling, and project management.

But, like your morning yogi habits, or dina charya – you can build the habits you need for better planning.

In this episode of the Yogahealer podcast we have 2 featured guest. Tina Forsyth will outline the basic strategies for planning your 2016 that will have you achieving your vision. After Tina, you'll get a teacher from Jennifer Ayres, head faculty at the Ayurvedic Institute, on stepping into dharma and into goals, even when it's petrifying.

In this interview I talk with Tina Forsyth about:

  •      Creating a vision
  •      Embracing the 90 day planning cycle
  •      Understanding the difference between reacting and responding
  •      Laying out and managing your schedule

What we mention in this episode:

  •      The difference between planning and vision
  •      The addictive nature of reactive mode
  •      The business epidemic

In this interview I talk with Jennifer Ayres about:

  •      Dharma stretching us to move into uncomfortable places
  •      Finding the space to follow dharma into these uncomfortable places

What we mention in this episode

  •      Getting out of your own way
  •      Meditation practice to ground anxiety
  •      Personal archetypes


Imagine your tailbone is growing roots.

The bottom of your feet growing roots – connecting to the heart of the earth.

Imagine the roots going all the way down and anchoring there.

Imagine your crown chakra opening.

Allow your energy to flow upwards to the heart of God/Universe/Source.

Imagine you are a channel of light between those two places.  Let go of any other stories, identities, and ideas of who you are. You are light.

Show Highlights:

Tina Forsyth

4:18 Defining the distinction between planning and vision

7:43 Moving from reacting to planning

14:54 Exploring the difference between reacting and responding

16:46 Committing to project management

22:40 Learning to make your schedule important

Jennifer Ayres

35:25 Meditation for anxiety and nervousness



Tina Forsyth

Tina Forsyth is a business entrepreneur who has been creating leveraged business models, establishing key systems, and building virtual teams to help businesses thrive. She is the author of The Entrepreneur’s Trap and the creator of the CEO Business School for Transformational Leaders.

Jennifer Ayres

Jennifer Ayres is a lead faculty member at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. She completed the Ayurvedic Institute’s program in 2004 and has studied Vedic Philosophy and Ayurvedic cooking with Swami Vidyadhishananda Giri since 2000.

Favorite Quotes:

“There’s something to be said for not having to think sometimes.”  ~ Tina Forsyth

“We’re by definition, by career choice – we’re life positive.”  ~ Cate Stillman

“I am following my prana to see where it leads me.” ~ Jennifer Ayres


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