Recipe for Reinvention with Sadie Nardini + DJ Taz

Recipe for Reinvention with Sadie Nardini + DJ Taz

At the Yoga Journal conference last week, my path crossed  Sadie Nardini and DJ Taz.  We recorded in a hot car at Estes Park, with the windows closed for better audio quality. We hope you appreciate that extra pit-stinking effort we made for you, listeners. We enjoyed conversing together, so if you like this, share it, and we're more likely to do it again. The conversation goes past the surface level of reinvention as a simple career change to the deeper level of changing your habits, creating a better relationship with yourself, and fostering evolutionary change. These ingredients are key parts of the recipe for reinvention.

It’s all a question of how you want your life to be now. Of whether or not your habits orient towards your growth or maintaining the status quo. Of giving yourself the permission to create the time and space to reset.

Listen in on the conversation, check out the recipe for reinvention, and shift how you show up in your life.

In this conversation with Sadie Nardini and DJ Taz:

Sadie Nardini

  • We explore how to bring svatantrya (self-sufficiency) off the yoga mat and into the rest of your life
  • Talk about two essential steps in reinventing yourself
  • Discuss the concept of permission and how to grant it to yourself

What we mention in the episode:

  • Moving from competition to collaboration
  • Building a blue ocean strategy
  • Opening up and engaging with the universe

What we mention in this Yogahealer Real Life episode:

  • How to work with the elements to create more time and space
  • Reinventing yourself by simplifying and detoxing your diet, lifestyle and physical environment
  • How to clear and create space in our inner and outer environments
  • Using the vibration energy of Ayurveda to connect our outer ecosystem to our inner ecosystem

Show highlights:

2:58 Cate’s personal story about reinvention

6:46 Cate delves into the relationship between our outer environment and our inner selves.

9:08 Cate explores the concept of Svatantrya and freedom.

14:35 Sadie shares her NSL meditation and the magic of giving yourself permission

18:01 DJ Taz talks about his own journey working with giving permission and opening his pathway to collaboratively create music for yoga and meditation

20:51 Sadie speaks about finding your satya (truth) and letting go of competition

20:51 DJ Taz explains the blue ocean strategy and how to make the shift from competition to collaboration

23:51 Sadie digs into the connection between permission and engagement with the universe

25:29 Cate looks at how Ayurveda brings our outer ecosystem into our inner ecosystem.



Sadie Nardini

Sadie Nardini is a multi-talented transformation advocate helping people shift lifestyle and habits to cultivate freedom and live into their greatness. She is the author of the 21-Day Yoga Body, hosts a daily TV show – Rock Your Yoga – for the Veria Living Network, and, after some personal transformation and reinvention, has embraced her calling as a musical vocalist. Sadie’s first album – Salt and Bone – will be released later this month.

DJ Taz

DJ Taz (Tazdeen Rashid) is an accomplished musician and DJ using his talents to connect people to their Divine higher selves. He performs at events and consciousness gatherings all over the country, and produces a monthly spiritual dance party – Club Divine – in Chicago.

Favorite Quotes:

“You’ve got to give yourself a time out.”  ~ Cate Stillman

“Collaboration is the new competition.”  ~ Sadie Nardini

“It’s like the cab that has the ‘on duty’ light. It’s like I’m on duty. Jump in. Let’s make this happen.”  ~ DJ Taz

Cate Stillman
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