Are you opening the front door or back door?

Are you opening the front door or back door?

The nature of nature is pulsation. On, off. Hot, cold. Heavy, light. We sway between poles. We contract, we expand. The constant change and our evolution go hand in hand. We are stimulated and soothed.

As we realize this is who and what we are, we embrace the fluctuations. We pulse between true hunger and deep satiation.

Toxing and cleansing are a dependable part of this cycle. Our aback door blog - img 1 (cropped)natomy evolved with times of harvest and times of scarcity. Seasons of the year pulsate high calorie and low calorie foods. When we aren’t aware of the pulsation, our evolution slows.

It’s so easy to not remember. We’re lulled into forgetting by our global food economy on full demonstration in our local grocery store. Inexpensive high calorie nutrients are right around every corner, regardless of the season.

Part of our pulsating nature is the pulse of the seasonal detox. The seasonal detox allows us a brief respite in time. A time to drop the overwhelm. An invitation into simplicity. Intuition knocks on our backdoor sent by our own very nature. If we’re smart, if we’re attune, or if we’ve had it up to here with our current version of sloth, we let her in. If we're smart, not only do we let her in, we give her the floor. And when we allow ourselves to be guided, from within, we enter the land of magic, mystery and healing.

At least that is how I experience the seasonal shifts. What amuses me after 13 years of leading the seasonal Yogidetox is the Resistance. Would you believe that resistance always also rears her head, like clockwork? Resistance knocks on the front door, thinking herself an esteemed guest. Resistance sings a lovely tune. She says, “You’re doing just fine. You don’t need to change a thing. Don’t pay any attention to that inner voice – let’s do this very fun, sexy, exciting diversion instead.”

Confessionally, if it weren’t for the Yogidetox community I’ve created and nurtured, I wouldn’t have the peer support to answer the backdoor. I would maintain my healthy diet and lifestyle. I would still be slightly over demanding of myself and my time. Horrible events would not transpire. I would survive.

But, I’m not interested in survival. I’m interested in my own evolution. I’m even interested in my own evolution from a non-personal place. When I look back at being forced by my community to do this *&^) Yogidetox every spring and autumn, I can see how this boon I set up for myself, keeps me honest. This boon of having a community of my very making, to bolster enough umph to open the backdoor into my next dimension of experience is perhaps the biggest blessing of my life.

You see, if I don’t do this, I let my people down. I talked to someone on my team this year , “Do we really need to do the Yogidetox this April?,” I innocently asked. She laughed, and reminded me I was opening the front door to Resistance. She told me she needed me to do it for her. She needed the peer support of the community. We all do, she reminded me. It’s easier for all of us.

Now, as I write I laugh at how Resistance tricks me every freaking time. When I realize I’ve been tricked, it’s easier to ignore the predictably pounding at the front door, open the back door to nature’s rhythm and the desire to plumb inward, together, in community, in support, and dive into depth and potential.

I never know what I will learn this go-around. I never know what the community will learn. I relax into the momentum within our community, knowing recurring themes inevitably, predictably appear. Themes around slowing down, unplugging, nourishing, awaken to sensory pleasure, falling into intuition, receiving from source, downloading straight from the 5 elements, kitchen sadhana, sitting in silence.

And while the themes circle around us with each turn of the wheel, what we never know is how we will grow. I never know how evolution will work through me, or through you , when we let go for a spell to renew.

I’m open to the mystery. I’m ready to lead. To guide. To support. Are you coming?
We are live every April and October or you can do it in your own time.

In love,




Cate Stillman
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