Ayurvedic Hipster Household – Back to School

Ayurvedic Hipster Household – Back to School


Ayurvedic Hipster Household  – 3 Lessons for Back to School

Most families believe that kids get sick because of germs. That makes it easy not to have to change anything at home – and just blame other people's germy kids. When you study Ayurveda,  you start to realize it's your ignorance of seasonal self-care rituals that creates susceptibility to germs. Then, you can take responsibility, like Conrad the hipster and his anal ayuredic mom, to care for yourself and keep colds at bay.

You learn 3 things from the hipster Ayurvedic family in this video.

1. Turmeric Honey Lesson


Turmeric is an antibiotic and antiviral. It's what makes Indian food yellow. In Ayurvedic cooking, it's in just about everything. My kid actually thinks that rice is yellow, not white. When she sees white rice, she won't eat it. Yup, she's brain washed…. just like the mystical Conrad (watch video!).  Because your American or European or Canadian or Australian kids are most used to white food than yellow food, I have a trick for you. I can't remember who I learned it from… maybe Dr. John Douillard…. who probably learned it from his Indian guru. It's a simple method to get more turmeric into people who don't like turmeric. You and your children most likely qualify, unless you're pretty far down that yogic path.

Turmeric Honey = mix turmeric into raw honey. make a paste. eat the paste with every meal.

I wrote a whole blog post on turmeric honey with the recipe. I believe as a culture we can basically choose not to do away with the snotty kid phenomenon. Really. Snot is a digestive issue – and you can fix it. When you study Ayurveda you learn how to fix a million other little things that are actually big things.

2. Oil in ears Lesson


Oil is lubricant. You knew that. Bacteria and viruses hate lubricant, unless it's snot, because they can live on snot. Oil is different, it connects and informs and detoxes your cells all at the same time. The cells ditch what they don't want and have a better time connecting with each other. Like old friends having a good laugh. When our skin and ears dry out, bacteria and viruses have a field day. Don't let that happen.

How: This one is super basic. Put a little olive or sesame oil in your palm. Dip in your pinky finger. Insert into ear and make some gentle, but vigorous circles. 3 vigorous circles is enough. Rub the extra oil on your body, and oil your whole body while you're at it. Shower. Use an old towel to dry off. Done.

3. Prana before Dinner

Why: Dusk is transition time when the subtle cosmic energy is high and you can access less mundane states than your typical m.o.


Take advantage of this second window of opportunity (the first is dawn) to connect with the Ground of Being, or simply to recharge your prana. Most adults need a transition between their day and their evening. This couldn't be more true in Autumn, when your energy can get dissipated faster than helium escaping a popped balloon. When you don't do this… you'll probably overeat and over drink and over salt your foods for comfort. Don't do that.

How: I've been using Dr. Claudia's Prana CD. It's awesome. It's easy. It's gentle. It works. The whole group of 100 of us are using it in the Healthier Hormones Course. Rave Reviews. Plus, it's only $10.

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