Ayurvedic Phat Hemp Balls Recipe

Ayurvedic Phat Hemp Balls Recipe

Our Autumn Yogidetox comes to a close today.

In celebration of a deeply rejuvenating three weeks with the Yogidetox community – i’m sharing my treats. With about 450 Yogidetoxers we went in deep. We had more support than ever from 6 Yogidetox Mentors, 2 Guest Teachers – Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta and Wah! It was quite an experience.

This time around I noticed a vacuum feeling when this Yogidetox approached. I got sucked into the deep. Detoxes accumulate in a person like good karma – making it easier to shed a past layer of the self   – revealing that which is more here, more present, more alive right now. The reports from first time detoxes are equally inspiring. Pounds shed, inner light discovered.

When we shed toxins we shed from our fat tissue. Post detox people are leaner. It’s not just water weight we’ve lost. It’s ama – or undigested food stored as toxins in tissue.
Worth remarking is that cleanse – Yogidetoxers crave healthy fats. Even more noteworthy is how repulsive processed foods taste. Most processed foods have indigestible fats. When we get it- we get curious about clean, vegan sources of fat to lubricate and nourish our bones.

Why Raw Phat Balls and not Fat Balls?

Fat is the new phat. We all know that when fat took a nose dive in the 80’s sugar skyrocketed. Now, fat is back and it’s more diversified than before. Hemp seeds were obscure 35 years ago.  Now, they’re in 1-2 pound bags in every natural food store.


Hemp Balls

 Ayurveda + Hemp Seeds

As far as I can tell hemp seeds are sattvic tiny nuggets of heaven. They reduce Vata (wind) and Pitta (heat). They increase kapha (moisture). Their qualities like most fats are heavy, dense, oily and cooling.

Recipe for Cate’s Phat Balls

½ c. unsweetened powdered coconut + 2 tbsp.

½ c. hemp seeds

½ c. raw cashews

1 tsp. Cardamom

3 tbsp. Maple syrup

Pinch of pink salt

Grind all seeds and nuts in a coffee grinder or food processor into a powder. Mix together with enough maple syrup to make just slightly sticky. Roll into balls. Put 2 tbsp. Coconut powder on a plate. Rolls balls in coconut powder. Set out to dry out in dehydrator.

*IF the balls are too sticky – you can flatten and bake them like cookies in a low temp  oven: 325’ F, on an oiled cookie sheet for 15 minutes or until like brown.


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