Still doing it the old way

Still doing it the old way

Let me tell you a short story…

You see, when I left San Francisco in 2001, to live in a rural, gorgeous and hip part of Idaho… I knew my Ayurveda + Yoga career would suffer.

I was raised on the fast paced east coast of the US, and knew I wascapable of making a big impact. And, I knew deep down that moving into a small town (4 hours from a real city), would shake up my career aspirations.

When I left San Francisco, I was one of a few yoga teachers with a website and email newsletter. Of course, back then, people were more likely to use their yellow pages than their web browser to find something, so it wasn't like this was a big advantage.

My husband and I then moved into a fixer-upper.

I've been told by many that that is an understatement. A shed on a foundation with a roof and plumbing is more accurate. At that point in time, I knew I needed a place to work. I needed to make money. And I needed a loan to get me off the ground.

I took the leap to invest in myself and got Yogahealer off the ground in Idaho and I want to help you make that leap…

It was a great adventure… But I was in debt. So, I became more motivated. Because I was on a mission to make it.

Now, looking back, 15 years later, as I type in my yurt, waves of nostalgia waft over me. If you know me, and know how hard I work, then you can imagine how much time and sweat I put into all of this (although I'm not much of a crier so I can't say I put in the tears).

Yogahealer as a business is very successful by any metrics.

My career as a holistic wellness pro and Yoga Health Coach is pretty darn close to ideal in lifestyle, in leadership, and in impact. I'm thriving as a human being and as a part of a family.

Most importantly, I'm committed to sharing what I've learned to shortcut the path for my compadre Yoga Teachers + Wellness Pros.

Why, you ask? Because the world needs us.

They really do.

And the world needs us to run our careers smarter, better, and in a hurry.

Obesity rates are still climbing…

…anxiety, depression, autoimmune issues, even allergies are all on the rise as well.

When we as Wellness Pros get better and smarter with managing our personal careers – we have a responsibility to make a much bigger impact. Take it from me – I went from inspiring the lives of less than 100 people a year to 10's of thousands.

Thinking about that still surprises me sometimes.

Let me quickly say, though.

If you feel shy or even misaligned about money…
If you're still doing it the old way and have deep limiting beliefs…
If you need help identifying and overcoming obstacles…
If you're in the rat race and still trading hours for dollars…
If you lack the mindset to thrive…

Then you must stay tuned for the next 10 days as I'm going to share with you some life-changing secrets!

Now, here is what's coming next:

I'm giving away my best and most original training for Yoga Teachers + Wellness Pros absolutely free.

So, if you know someone who is:

– A Yoga Teacher
– A Wellness Pro
– A holistic Practitioner
– A doctor or nurse who loves yoga or meditation
– A Bodyworker

Any of those amazing types of people.

Please forward this email to let them know about the next 10 days of FREE training that I am offering because it will make a difference.

>>> WATCH the first video in your free course by clicking here.

And, of course, if you're one of those types of people, then stay tuned.

You'll be glad that you did.

Power on to those who have devoted their careers to spreading thrive!


Cate Stillman
[email protected]

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