Chat with Chef Johnny, from Eat Taste Heal

Chat with Chef Johnny, from Eat Taste Heal

 Chef Johnny Brannigan, the recipes behind Eat, Taste, Heal, gives us a lecture on how to cook. The book is out of stock at the time of writing, and going into it's 7th printing, in large part, due to the recipes.

A Dish has a soul.

Chef Johnny says, “A dish is more than a collection of ingredients. It has a soul.” During this 75 minute lecture, Chef Johnny teaches us how to layer tastes. He gives you recipes to optimize your health through fall cooking. Chef Johnny even gets into the 3 parts of making a roux, the ayurvedic way. In all of my training, this is first time I've been invited into the process of soul cooking the ayurvedic way.

Fall Ayurvedic Recipes

In this call, you'll learn:

  • the keys to cooking in Fall
  • how to make a balanced sauce
  • how to make a masala
  • the secrets of a roux
  • how to layer your spices

After the call, I walked into my kitchen inspired to create. Inspired to combine tastes. To invoke the spirit of the food.

Enjoy your time with Chef Johnny.
(I apologize for the poor sound quality of this recording. But, nonetheless, its' worth posting!)




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