Dharma and Organizing Your Home

Dharma and Organizing Your Home

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When looking at dharma and space, you might be wondering, what is the connection? What does it mean to have a home aligned to the identity evolution you're stepping into? What does it mean to organize your home in a way that helps you step into who you wanna become next, and actually facilitates you experiencing deep rejuvenation and deep order and aligned action?

After understanding the mindset of dharma, you can start looking at what you need to align with your vision. And what better place to start than your home? It does not need to be a whole home. I can be a room or an office. What are the spaces that you can shape to nurture your identity evolution?

My experience coaching members on the Awake Living course has shown me the importance of aligning your space with your ambition. And if you are wondering how just keep reading.

Why should you declutter your home?

Organizing or decluttering your home is the easiest element to work with when aligning with your dharma. And the reason why is because it's actually, very physical. Space is deeply etheric, your stuff is very physically concrete, but you can arrange it in a way that your space holds the vibration of potentiality. So that your space holds the vibration of your future self. That's really where the magic happens.

Notice the atmosphere when you walk into a room. The vibration we create is determined by how we organize the space and what things we fill it with. This is at the forefront of behavioral science. If we do not create and control our environment, our environment creates and controls us.

How the space is constructed facilitates certain behaviors. If your fridge is cleaned and organized with ready to eat vegetables, fruit in plain view, and prepared foods to the back, you'll be more likely to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. If you leave your desk with a short, prioritized to-do list, you are likely to take action when you return. You wanna master space, because it facilitates all the other things. It facilitates time, ambition, flow, and your body habits. Those other four superpowers, those other four elements that we will align next.

Getting organized at home – where to start?

What I want you to think of is: what do you desire to experience next in your space? I want to live and work in inspired spaces. I want to design my space to support the habits I want. I wanna save money by not buying extra stuff. I wanna live in a clutter-free space and get my family on board. I wanna surround myself with only possessions that add value, meaning, and direction to my life.

So with space, you have the opportunity, the freedom, you have the power to design for that which pulls you forward. And how you decide, like, how do you decide what stays and what goes is part of the question.

There's so much stuff in your space that's connected to outdated identities, identities that you actually don't want to reinforce. And having that stuff in your environment, in your home, that vibration is contributing to the overall vibration and is pulling you backward. What has the vibration of your future identity?

So when you look at wanting to do great things, it's time to get serious about your space. It's time to get serious about letting your future self sort through everything. And Marie Kondo does a great job of outlining how to go through every item of clothing all in a go, how to go through every book in your home all in a go, how to go through every piece of paper, how to go through all things kitchen, how to go through all things categorically, all electronics, all paperclips, all in a go. And you organize by category. That's just freaking brilliant!

Instead of organizing by room, you organize by category and you get control of your categories. The first time I did this, I probably reduced my wardrobe by 50%. I reduced my books by about 70%. And that was intense, as I was giving up some identity evolutions in really professional identities, where I was a bodyworker, an Ayurvedic practitioner, and I was stocking all these herbs and all these books and all this equipment.

What are some easy tips to stay organized at home?

Now, some of you might be thinking, sounds good. But the problem is all the people I live with. What do we do with all the people that we live with? How do I get my family on board? This is the thing: it is a family skill. What I've found through coaching course members through this, in Awake Living, is that it's something that can happen really quickly or seemingly very slowly and take forever. The important thing is that it happens. The important thing is that the family gains the skill to create the kind of environment for the family to thrive.

For those people that actually travel a lot, you learn this skill so that you can cultivate space in any atmosphere that you're in, aligning it with the qualities that you want to experience most.

As you gain skillfulness with this superpower of designing spaces for resonance, what you find is that the experience of feeling at home wherever you are increases, and you become much more adaptable.

For more information on how to align with dharma and organizing your home, check my newest book, “Master of You”.  If you are having trouble figuring out your dharma, you can have a dream session with us.