Dynamic Communities And Co-creating Retreats

Dynamic Communities And Co-creating Retreats

I can’t resist showing more pics from the retreat. I swear this is the last one.

Below is Grace.

Grace, as you can tell, is an original. This makes as easy path for her as a Yoga Health Coach. She’s a Canuk, yoga studio owner, mom of two. She wanted to leave her other job as a financial planner and come work for me. Alex Biondo, head of admissions, trained Grace.

Alex and I listened to Grace. She wanted to stop being a financial planner and work for us full time. We set a date target and supported her in the steps needed to evolve into a transition. She quit her other job 2 weeks before the retreat.

15 Spots for YHC4

You can tell she is stoked.

I’ve become a pro at crowdsourcing wisdom. Especially at retreats. Basically our core members faded me out of leading retreats. I’m just a headliner now. Grace led us in Buti Yoga out in field early one morning.  Co-creating experience is a key to our group integrity. If I were to try to hog the podium we wouldn’t discover our depth or start to co-create.

Below you’ll find Shinay. I introduced her in the first email. Here she is teaching us about jumping off into the unknown even when it’s scary. In this shot she makes it look easy and fun. I’ve seen Shinay go from shy to purely at home and ready to step up or step into action. It’s so fun growing together.

15 Spots for YHC5

Ok. That was all just warm up for the real photo I wanted to show you.

We do Improv at the retreats to help us loosen up, step out of our shells, and discover who is really funny in our group.

Well, guess who won improv?
Yup. Shinay and Grace. Actually Grace totally won, but Shinay was right behind her.
15 Spots for YHC6

So, if you want to join us, you should get on it. We’re enrolling. Our 2016 seats will fill. My sense is all seats for 17 will sell out in early July. We’re seriously growing, and recruiting amazing people. Want to join us?

If so, fill out an application and talk to Alex or Grace in Yoga Health Coaching Admissions.

We’re building leaders, globally, as community-nurturing ayurvedic habit experts. We’re receiving applications here if you’re interested. Find out more in the What is Yoga Health Coaching Webinar : https://yogahealthcoaching.com/yhcjune
Thanks for sharing in my glory here. This community rocks my world.


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