Getting Out of your Own Way

Getting Out of your Own Way

Getting in our own way happens. To everyone. But it doesn’t have to continue to happen. We can take the time to step back and observe our patterns, be open to changing how we converse with others, and develop practices for becoming more clear on noticing it happening, and taking steps to let go of those beliefs and habits.

When we observe, open to change, and implement practical steps towards those changes, we get out of our own way.

A career in wellness means deep self-investigation. Grace Edison and Dana Skoglund discuss their experiences with investigating how they get in their own way, why it happens, and what has worked for them to get rid of that habit and build in better ones.

Show Highlights:

  • 12:04 – The fear of success impedes our ability to achieve success. When we mine that fear, with the support of others, we can release those fears and have a new perspective.  
  • 17:07 – Sometimes it is important to take the time to visualize out what will happen if we do not make changes to our habits around our goals for our lives.
  • 21:03 – When there is no structure, we can get distracted by our own ideas.

What you'll get out of tuning in:

  • Why you want to take the time to uncover and work through the ways you self-sabotage
  • How to learn to see your own strengths, and why it matters.
  • Where to begin to have an honest, level conversation with your fears, rather than battle them

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Favorite Quotes:

“I feel the fear, release the edges, and do it anyway” – Dana Skoglund

“I’m really interested in this fear of success. How does it show up for you? – Grace Edison

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