High Vibe House Rules from Yogahealer

High Vibe House Rules from Yogahealer

My husband, daughter and I intentionally cultivate a high vibe house. There is no clutter. The kitchen is either clean or in use. This is true of bathrooms, the yard, the back patio. Our relationships with each other are progressive, consciousness and growth-oriented. We eat well, sleep well, play and work well together. We acculturate a high vibe house.  

House guests pose a challenge for us.  We’re upping our game with house guests with our simple high vibe house rules.

In preparation for my next house guests – back to back relatives from both sides of the family – I’m printing some house rules to post in various locations in the house. I’ll post them in bathrooms and on walls so our guests read them. For younger guests, I’ll have their parents review them, agree to them, and introduce them to their kids before arrival.

Yes – this borders on OCD control freak territory. With rule #1, I even want to control my guests diet and sleeping rhythms to give us all the best shot at a good time, high level connection, and ending the visit rejuvenated.   

I run Yogahealer from my home. When people in my space are carb loading and crashing, it messes with their mood and the vibe. For instance, my daughter had a carb-addicted friend for a sleep over last night. The large child couldn’t eat a real meal, instead begging for crackers and treats. She proudly announced that her summer bedtime is midnight. I wasn’t impressed, and I let her know summer bedtime here is 10 pm. Her parents trained her body into wanting to eat no less than 6 times a day – food loaded with carbs, low on nutrients. Scary.

Rule 2 came about because Indy doesn’t like to have to pick up after her friends after checkout. She trained her guests to clean up before changing activities. We of all ages can grow our edge in how to live conscientiously together – as life poses certain circumstances from time to time. Visitors have different standards. We know small children who can reach the sink can also put their dishes away and help clean up.

Winston, Indy and I have codified our values together, one of which is:
We work together as a team to keep our home and properties clean, neat, and in good condition. In light of the reality of this and how house guests often come from messier standards, I wrote the third rule. The third rule: Keep common space clear of your stuff may seem harsh to a new guest here. But, unless your item is in use, it is clutter to the rest of us. The same applies to bathrooms.
I’m going to test the house rules over the next two weeks. This makes me excited to have guests. And maybe even the rules will lift them to a higher vibe while they are with us.   
In closing, I invite you to come up with your own house rules together with your peeps. Leverage what is working to track you all to who you want to next become. Deep alignment doesn’t happen randomly or haphazardly. It comes from recognizing with is working, seeing the habits you want to leverage, and steering towards the next level.

High Vibe House Rules



  1. Look after yourself. Exercise every day, eat good food + go to bed by 10. Make choices to thrive.
  2. Be a spectacular roommate: clean up after yourself + do your dishes pronto.
  3. Keep common space clear of your stuff. 

Download and print High Vibe House Rules

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