Master of You Book Release

Master of You Book Release

– Hey, it's Cate Stillman, and I'm thrilled to be releasing Master of You today with Sounds True Publishing.

Master of You is a book about you and your lifestyle design. It's about you and your ambition. It's about you and dharma, or your life's purpose. And how do you make that all work out in your every day, day to day life?

We're all clear now that the world is changing faster than ever, and the question of our own resilience and our own adaptability are called into question even more. We all have this desire with the freedoms that technology is giving us to live the life we want to live, to live our life aligned to who we are as an individual.

And that's really where the Master of You journey begins.

Many of you know I've been living a quote, unquote freedom-based lifestyle for years, for decades really. And making choices based on who am I, who I need to become next, what I really deeply desire to do in my life's time, in my lifestyle, in my family, in my work, in my impact.

My background in Ayurveda and the five elements have led me to create what many are seeing as the most innovative book on Ayurveda so far. On Ayurveda and how you use the powers of the five elements to design your life.

So space element, akasha, that is your home. That's all the spaces that you create. And you can design your spaces to call yourself into your future self and to who you're becoming so that you become more of who you want to be in the future than you've ever been in the past.

The air element is time, how you use your time. How you use your calendar. How you schedule in the actions that fulfill the kind of ambitions that you want to step into. Fire element, that is your ambitions. To me, that's the next chapter of your life. It's who you're called to become next. And it doesn't have to be huge or grandiose, it just needs to be deeply aligned to you and who you are and what you want at the core of your being.

Water element, this is your integrity. And it's also your flow. So any kind of growth into deeper ambitions, any sort of becoming your next evolution, it's all about how you need to step into next level integrity in certain levels of your life. Often you need certain skills, certain assets, certain relationships to be developed in a way that will amplify your next season of growth.

And finally, earth element, the power of your body. The power of your body rhythms, sleep, and rejuvenation. Your deeper nourishment and the movement that allows shakti, the pulsating energy of the life force, to be activated within you. So these five elements, when they're your superpowers, enable you to live your life aligned. Enable you to actually write the next chapter of your dharma and step into a life that is honestly beyond your wildest dreams.

This book, I'm so excited, it's here! It's finally here! This book comes out of our Awake Living course members and their experiences with this curriculum over the past five years. Deep bow, deep gratitude for the original course members who helped me take my lifestyle and my way of living in deeper alignment with Ayurveda and yoga and stepping into bigger ambitions, growing a more than million dollar company. How I'm doing this in real-time, raising an unbelievable child, having a phenomenal relationship with my husband. How do you do it in real-time so that your everyday life aligns with the life of your dreams? That's what Master of You is all about.

It is step by step. There's an amazing workbook you can get with it. It's all at You can find all the info there, the free workbook. So enjoy, please order it! If you've already read it, please leave a review on Amazon. I'm so thrilled to be bringing this to us! Yeah!

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