Meditation: Self-Medicating with the 5 Elements of Ayurveda

Meditation: Self-Medicating with the 5 Elements of Ayurveda

We often believe we need something outside ourselves in order to experience more ease. In reality, the solution to our issues is frequently found within. What if I told you it is even possible to self-medicate, using the five elements? Confused?
Experiencing the five elements of Ayurveda in your body, can be used as a powerful tool. One that enables you to feel your imbalances in a deeper manner, and directe the course, in order to design the experiences you want to have. By tapping into your imbalances, you can self-medicate with the element you need the most.
Ready to feel the Gunas and align with the five elements? Cate guides through a meditation to access each element directly.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How the 5 elements of Ayurveda can help you tune into what you need next
  • How to access each element directly through meditation
  • How to self-medicate by experiencing the elements in your body


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Show Highlights:

  • Cate explains how the five elements can be used as self-medication
  • Cate talks about the Gunas and the spectrum of what you feel
  • Cate guides a meditation through each of the five elements



  • 5:07 Ground yourself with the Earth element
  • 9:27 Find your flow with the Water element
  • 12:11 Focus your mind with the Fire element
  • 14:46 Let the wind carry you with the Air element
  • 17:00 Expand with the Space element

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