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evolve faster together.

Dynamic groups of evolving human is the place to be.

Groups compound habits. Family groups. Work groups. Whatever microcultures you are in – you’ll find micro, and probably macro habits are what defines the culture. Culture is what happens. Cultures reflect the compounding of the habits that are normal.

In our BODY THRIVE MEMBERSHIP we compound the 10 habits of circadian rhythm. The habits for human optimization of daily rhythm/rituals from Ayurveda and Yoga.

The group compounds better habits. A smarter daily rhythm. When you’re in the culture – what is normal becomes natural. Easy. Intuitive. With the flow.

When you wish a habit was different – say in your living environment – and you live with other people who have that habit – it’s harder to change. At that point you need to change the culture. And cultures, by definition, are established.

Once you see the results, and how it’s worked for other people, personal progress is no longer out of reach.

That’s BODY THRIVE 1 Year Membership.
Where you rewild yourself.
Where you come home to yourself.
Where you see your potential, awaken your vision, and learn how to deeply focus.

For the past 20 years, hundreds of people wanting to thrive in their bodies have gathered here, with me, Cate at Yogahealer, to overcome their physical and mental challenges.

They wanted to truly thrive in their bodies and their lives. And to do that, they needed a modern solution.

The result was BODY THRIVE Coaching. A place where modern, busy humans, like you, are transformed into focused, fit, happier people.

What did 20 years of guiding groups to the habits of radiant longevity teach Cate?

The secret is in the group. When a group has the habits you want – it’s easier to adopt them. And not just for the time being, but to maintain those smarter habits for life.

Surrounded by guidance, care, and deep wisdom, alignment happens in real-time. And, unsurprisingly, it’s just more fun to evolve in a dynamic group than on your own.

The group compounds better habits. Once you see the results, and how it’s worked for other people, personal progress is no longer out of reach.

That’s BODY THRIVE. Where no personal goal is out of reach.

What sets Cate’s BODY THRIVE Group apart from other courses is the level of ongoing access to her and to the Live Coaches.

Imagine being coached live, week after week, for an entire year without needing to leave your home. You’ll be able to talk to a coach live every week and be with Cate’s group live at least every other week.

Or, if you’d rather simply listen after the live recording, on your own schedule, they are available within 24 hours.

And the results are life-changing.

Over a year of guidance, members receive a new outlook on life. Members report waking up every morning energized, feeling limber in their bodies, and aligned to a universal rhythm.

Your current body, emotions, and thinking will reflect your better habits.

But the real reward is the return of your true potential. If you want to live a powerful, purposeful life – there’s no better place than BODY THRIVE.

You can’t afford a life full of bad habits. Your human potential is begging to emerge. The time to thrive is now.

Your daily habits make you smarter, healthier, and happier. Or your daily habits cause unnecessary misery.
BODY THRIVE is Cate Stillman’s one year evolution for your complete, inside-out, rewilding daily habits upgrade… for life. She wrote the book on it.
Thrive in your body, age smarter, and experience your energy, adaptability and resilience compounding year after year.
BODY THRIVE, or any results-based investment to thrive in your body, is indeed the best investment you can make. If you take a moment to think about it, to reflect, to check in with how your body and emotions feel right now…

Why Members Join

Cate Stillman’s BODY THRIVE 1 Year Daily Habit Evolution

Through the Seasons

You Get Smarter

Get smarter, wiser, and more integrated each day.

You Get Focused

Grow your resilience, your stamina, and your focus.

You Get Lean + Strong

Become a more fit, lithe, compact and stronger, and more efficient version of yourself.

You Automate Better Habits

Automate the habits of nourishment and rejuvenation into your life. It’s a smarter way to age.

You Live with Rhythm

Live your life on purpose, with power. Your Goals will start to anchor your next wave of Better Habits – and you’ll have mastered your ability to design your habits for next-level success.

You Have More Time + More Ease

With Effective Habits, you’ll Free Up More Time in Your Day For What Matters Most.

Experience the Momentum of our Growth-Mindset Community

You’ll get there faster due to a global yet tight-knit community that is ahead of you, pulling you forward into the body habits to thrive.

The technology of the human being is designed to perform.

The human being is perfect by design, which means that you are perfect by design.
When your habits are out of sync with the design – you fuck it up.
Sludge in the gas tank. Then you suffer.
Get in sync with your design. The yogis of yore knew the way.
Rewild and rewire the habits for your body to thrive, and you get to enjoy the design.
And you are designed to feel great!

Cate Stillman’s BODY THRIVE 1 Year Journey Through the Seasons

There is a very good reason you are reading this right now. You have found a solution, and a unique boutique solution at that, to dramatically change the trajectory of your life. That is the opportunity.

You’re about to embark on an entirely better future. A future where you have stabilized the habits that make you feel great and make you look younger and give your mind focus towards a greater purpose.

And, all of that is a big deal.

Habits, like mutual funds and entropy, compounds over time. Both good investments and bad investments, much like your habits, compound over time.

You see, most people have no clue how to invest in their body, in their body wisdom.

Simply diagnosed, people around the planet feel the stress of disconnect from earth-based rhythms. And these rhythms are important in which are waking us up to the powers of self-healing and a deep desire to live dynamic, fully embodied lives.

You can self-diagnose with the list below.

See if you check any boxes:

You’ve got a lot more on your mind which keeps you from taking better care of your body.

You want better quality in your sleep.

You frequently wake up stiff, puffy, and maybe a little grumpy.

You’re not as fit, lithe, or strong as you wish.

You wish it was easier for you to eat less and be less bloated.

You know meditation would help you de-stress and focus, but the practice eludes you.

You want more control over your time.

You want self-care to be automatic - not something that requires willpower.

You want your people at home and in your core culture to have better habits.

How many did you check? We should both be curious – you in terms of reality checking, and me in terms of your goals and current challenges.
You can choose. You can choose to be around people who have the habits you want.

You can choose to invest in a guide that knows how to get to better faster. The boxes you checked above – can meet your emergent needs now.

Sure, you’ll need to invest time and resources. That is called skin in the game. And it’s a crucial non-negotiable element in evolution. You need to make a sacrifice to turn into the next level of yourself. The path itself to a better you must be made sacred. And the dysfunctional habits or sub-personalities you have will be slain in the process. It’s the way evolution – including personal evolution – works.

And, of course, nature works that way. Of course, you have to make your life sacred, and of course, embedding daily routines and rituals into your life that make your body smarter and your mind more capable are a good idea.

In fact, embedding the habits that compound into radiant longevity is sure not a bad idea.

The extra bonus?

This is one investment you enjoy in real-time, all the time.
You won’t find the same level of moment-by-moment enjoyment from any of your other compounding investments like you’ll receive from investing in your body to thrive.

You, lucky devil, you, have come across me. And I have a journey. The trip takes 12 months. Shorter won’t work. We’ve tested this for years. You’ll slip back into culture. We know. You need a year with us and with the habits of yogis. You need 12 months – so that is the only journey I can offer you. It’s the journey that works. Get your ticket for the Body Thrive Course with me.

BODY THRIVE Course with Cate Stillman
Master Your Daily Habits + Awaken Your Potential.

More Reasons
You Should Join Us


Be at Home In Your Body

Your body is designed to feel great. You are designed to be fit, lean, relaxed, and at home – or seated -in yourself. Lay claim to your birthright.


Be with People with Smarter Habits

Habits rub off on people. Habits are contagious. You can ride our momentum by becoming part of a world-class online growth community. Be with people who are actively evolving, rewilding and rewiring, and feeling great everyday.


Revive Your Life Goals

BODY THRIVE Members reconnect to their true nature and deeper purpose. When you have surplus of energy, are body smart and body strong, you find intuiton guides you to uplevel your life on all levels. Relationships. Career. Finances. Fun. Enlightened living from your intuition for accuracy and efficiency towards meaningful goals is what happens with Body Thrive Membership.


Awaken Your Intelligence Potential

When your daily habits are aligned to the circadian rhythm you get smarter. You recover mental clarity, focus, and intuitive intelligence. From there you steer towards a smarter life – more true to who you are and what you want to experience. Aligned habits awakens you to an entirely better potential.


Cate’s Leadership

Experience Cate’s thought leadership in real-time… on the ground … at the front lines. Cate’s regular BODY THRIVE Live Sessions are the cutting-edge of Ayurveda, Peak Performance, Rewilding and Enlightened Living for modern humans to evolve their future.

Why Starting Today is Smarter
than Tomorrow:

Dr. Beth Claxton, OBGYN

“Doing BODY THRIVE with Cate not only changed my life dramatically at the get-go, but there is also a non-stop continuous evolution occurring.

I am becoming a new person every day- Creating the me I want to be and the life I want to live!…”

Robert Neumann

“Cate Stillman places the bar high in personal development and asks to adapt continuously.

Nevertheless those who dominate, those who lurk and the overwhelmed alike are put in the condition to take full advantage of the potential for sustainable growth that is offered.”

Shelly Aaron

“Before the BODY THRIVE Course, my life was filled with the “do’s and don’ts” of living a healthy lifestyle which is always changing based on the current research, studies, or fads. After integrating BODY THRIVE’S 10 habits into my life, I let those “do’s & don’ts” go for good. I now feel the most tuned-in to my body than I ever have before. I’m also watching my clients evolve into healthier individuals with the same confidence and ease as they tune-in to their bodies too! …”

Start. Now.

Keep Making Tomorrow Better…
We’ll lead the way.

You don’t need to read my Book, Body Thrive, to be a member of this year-long course. Although, most members do. Or they listen as all of the course curriculum and coaching is on our Yogahealer members App.

So, it makes it easier to listen, or watch, or tap into the pulse of the community and the next lesson of your curriculum.

A powerfully organized curriculum will steer your attention towards your habits and your potential.

Yet, to start, you don’t need to be a Yoga Student or a healthy eater, or a regular exerciser.

Over the last two decades, I’ve become a master coach. When you get to 10,000 hours in enough disciplines plus coaching, this is what naturally evolves. My background as an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner with a strong teaching background in Yoga Therapeutics and yoga philosophy, coupled with depth psychology, enlightenment training, design thinking, and lean or agile business management techniques gives me a unique seating in helping groups evolve faster. As an entrepreneur -I’m results-driven. Meaning I’m driven to help you get results. Easier. Faster. And in a more fun way.

Therefore, I lead to all experience levels simultaneously in our BODY THRIVE Course. And everyone evolves faster. It’s quite fascinating to experience.

You’ll see growth opportunities appear everywhere in your life. You’ll have better conversations more frequently with the core people in your everyday life at home and work. And, you’ll also start having conversations with us – some of which you will remember for a lifetime. I’ve frequently been told years later from a BODY THRIVE Member, “You said this to me 10 years ago. And it’s come true. I didn’t believe it was possible then.”

Some BODY THRIVE members may arrive suffering from chronic diseases including autoimmune disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, heart disease, and cancer…

While others will arrive already very healthy and looking for the next edge in their peak performance and deep rejuvenation. Many will also be wellness pros who have learned from me to become BODY THRIVE Coaches themselves in Yoga Health Coaching program.

I design the live experience to be the emergent conversation in the global community. It’s powerful And I coach the BODY THRIVE members close to weekly throughout your entire year, and surround you with a field of support and mentorship that is consistently available.

And, just for the record, I, Cate Stillman used to be frustrated in my body. Frustrated. Uncomfortable. Lots of symptoms. Yet, I was also always a fit athlete. This paradox of “being healthy”, “eating healthy” yet never feeling totally stoked. I knew I’d never come close to activating my body’s potential.

As a kid I had constipation which led to migraines. Migraines that lasted days. By the time I was a big kid I had enough chronic systemic inflammation to add severe seasonal allergies to the mix. I saw loads of doctors – and took loads of pills. Nothing worked. I get the discomfort of low-grade chronic inflammation. By chronic, I mean decades. I wasn’t even overweight, sedentary, inactive or eating fast food. Yet, my digestive system, lymph system and immune system were compromised until I got serious momentum with the BODY THRIVE habits. Looking back, it’s easy to pinpoint the normal habits of modern culture that bred my horrible daily symptoms.

I get that we can put our best foot forward all while knowing that there is a level of thrive we wish we were experiencing. I turned to Ayurveda and yoga to become my own healer. I did detoxes annual to release unconscious degenerative habits from my routine.

Then I went pro. Ever since, I’ve been guiding members into the body habits to thrive. I raised my child with these habits. You become the company you keep – so keep te company that has the habits you want.

Don’t try to change on your own. If you could change on your own – you already would have.

Come with us. You will turn your life into a daily ritual that is beyond your wildest dreams. I had no idea I could feel this good, decade after decade… and it just keeps getting better!

“I feel better in my 60’s with BODY THRIVE than I have at any other point in my life.”

 Beverlee Hamilton

Choose a community to get you where you want to be.

Your body is designed to regenerate.
Without better habits you will degenerate.

Invest in Your BODY THRIVE Pass.
We’re stoked to meet you!

If you follow our guidance you will get results that will transform your body + life forever.
You will thrive with us.