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People Like You are Recovering the Deep Rhythm in Their Everyday Life

Cate’s BODY THRIVE Coaching propels people who want a bigger, better, and more aligned life to achieve real results.

Hear what they have to say.
Lea Horvatic

“Cate’s BODY THRIVE course and community will revolutionize your life! You will renew your vigor, establish yourself in true health, and create more time each day to do whatever you want. I’m grateful for the support in my own evolution.”

Jamie Lynn Worster

“After BODY THRIVE, I have more energy, a more loving, kind relationship with myself, a cleaner diet, self-integrity, and a community of peeps who are heading down the same path. It’s amazing!
I’m in my 2nd quarter of BODY THRIVE right I could feel the process deeper to fine tune my daily rhythms. So grateful for this tribe.”

Marie Harder

“I just thought about my year and realized that one of the best things that happened to me is BODY THRIVE!

I am in so much more integrity with my body and it keeps getting better and better. I’m psyched to see what is possible in terms of wellbeing and stepping into my dharma in 2017! In deep gratitude for this wonderful community, and special thanks to Cate Stillman.”

How Good Will You Feel In One Year?

Sherry Joy Clower

“Before BODY THRIVE I was feeling quite “out of Rhythm”. I was experiencing some depression, ungroundedness, low energy, and frustration with a sense I know things I need to do but struggling with how to change it – how to get out of the rut & “Just Do IT”. It was painful to feel so out of Integrity…

I feel a new sense of connection, centeredness, growing energy, empowerment, and momentum that has me not only more physical Body Thriving but movement into my future, my potential on all levels – especially living in Dharma –
which is what my big desire and intention.”

Mindy Hall

“We are each unique individuals; there is no cookie-cutter formula to achieve a healthy body, mind and spirit. BODY THRIVE has taught me to incorporate the necessary habits while paying attention and listening to my body.”

Sydney Doolittle

“After years of travel, working long hours, moving and exercising quite a lot, and never slowing down, I came to a near dead stop when I was told that I exhausted my adrenal glands.
I was beyond exhausted.

Anyone who could use more energy each day, or extra support and encouragement in life, or wants to lose weight, etc should definitely get into BODY THRIVE with Cate.

BODY THRIVE awakened my passion for Ayurveda. I not only wanted to live the habits but I wanted to study and teach them as well!”

“BODY THRIVE will change your body, mind, and consciousness so your life can become more whole.”

Dr. Vasant Lad
The Ayurvedic Institute Founder

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