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You get one body.
How good can your body feel?

You can transform your body, your habits, and your reality in one year. I have no doubt about it. BODY THRIVE gets you on the path to regeneration. Backed by a dynamic community, you will feel great faster.

Hey! Cate Stillman here. Years ago, when I was first practicing Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy, I saw all types of clients. Some had chronic pain. Others had a scary disease diagnosis. They came to me because they wanted to know the secrets of Ayurveda and Yoga to make them feel better.

Over time, I began to recognize the true cost of habits in people’s lives. Morning routines, diet… Heck, I even became aware of how the habits of my clients’ family members held sway over their health.

After a decade of practicing Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy, I began asking clients a few simple questions.

What time did they go to bed? How many times a day did they eat? Did they fast?. Did they do breathing exercises? The result was this habit wheel and with the answers to those questions, I knew where we needed to focus first.

“After only 2 weeks of BODY THRIVE my body feels stronger, less inflamed, and I have more energy.
In short, my body is thriving!”

Rebecca Lynn

Set Yourself Up for a Better Future. Start Body Thrive with Cate.

The choices you make today influence the habits you’ll have tomorrow.

Some habits age well on people. Other habits don’t. With habits that don’t age well, you risk compounding the negative effects and that’s a problem that becomes more expensive and more complicated to fix with age.

So what kind of habits do you want?

You want the habits that train your body to burn fat. That makes your body strong. You want to build your capacity to handle life and stress with ease.

“BODY THRIVE guides us on this path of deeper commitment to ourselves and the world around us. Accepting BODY THRIVE’S invitation is affirming life and stepping up to say yes to a bigger possibility.
This is a game changer! I’m so glad I’m all in! Thank you Cate! “

Jamie Turner Allison

Since 2001, I’ve guided people like you to adopt the 10 regenerative habits, time-tested humans that anyone can start. These better habits cost you nothing, and save you more and more money each year. These are the habits of circadian rhythm, embedded in the teachigns of Ayurveda and Yoga. I wrote the book on it and BODY THRIVE was born. And ever since I’ve been guiding members to automate these habits.

BODY THRIVE works at all three levels – your body, your mind, and your soul.

First, you’ll see results in your body – like feeling good, having a higher level of fitness, reliable and substantial energy, sound sleep, and effortless digestion.

Second, you’ll see results in your mind: your ability to focus, to relax, to align, to attune. You’ll experience how the daily rhythm synchronizes your productivity with your rejuvenation.

Third, you’ll see results in your peace of mind. You’ll feel more like your true self – your unique soul. You will intuit and act with less resistance towards a better path forward in your life. Your time will open up.

But it’s one thing to read a book. You have to live the habits. And habits evolution is best done with a coach and a group.
I found the secrets of radiant longevity from Ayurveda aren’t based on just knowing the habits. The secret is being invited and participating ina group that is actually living the 10 habits.

The BODY THRIVE course member community paves the road for your quick progress.

And not surprisingly, it’s more fun to evolve in a dynamic group than on your own. When your among colleagues, who are on the same path as you you adopt those habits together. And not just for the time being, you grow together for life.

As a member, you’ll have access to my live weekly lectures and be able to ask me questions. Members often find these sessions enlightening, and packed with practical wisdom for the week ahead.

Wheel of
Habits to Feel Good Everyday

dina charya

After the first quarter you should be reporting

I have more energy.

I sleep better.

I’m strong with lean muscle.

My daily habits rejuvenate me.

I have a stronger immune system.

My digestion keeps improving.

My family is getting healthier.

My daily habits are set for healthy longevity.

I have more time and a better daily rhythm.

Your complete, life-changing,
daily rhythm and body rewilding is here,

I’ve guided thousands of people through deeply formational life-changing evolutionary courses to become who they want to become next.

It’s been described as the “next frontier of Ayurveda.”

You should be in here, with me and the BODY THRIVE members, if you check these boxes:

You want the habits of regeneration, not degeneration.

You want to be fit, flexible, and strong.

You want more energy.

You want peaceful, rejuvenating sleep.

You want to make better food faster.

You want to meditate.

You want the tools to design your body for your life.

Shalini Christodoulou

“BODY THRIVE offers two key components to consistency, which is support and accountability. Its one thing to know what serves you, but a whole nother thing to actually DO it. The beauty of ayurvedic wisdom unfolds in this course, so rhythmically week by week. The Kaizen, (baby steps) method really allows you to listen in to your real needs, and learn and grow. I found this program really allows me to nurture and deeply nourish myself. “

Dawn Lane

“Before BODY THRIVE my body was dry, tired, and out of nature’s rhythm. I stayed up too late and slept too late. After BODY THRIVE my body knows it’s time for bed when the sun goes down and wakes when the sun rises. I feel alive!!! I batch tasks and my digestive system loves a more peaceful way to nourish my body. It’s simple yet effective. I believe everybody should Thrive!! “

Dr. Beth Claxton

“Living the 10 habits not only changed my life dramatically at the get go, there is a non-stop continuous evolution occurring. I am becoming a new person every day- Creating the me I want to be and the life I want to live!…”

Donna McBride

“Having access to people that are as committed to personal growth as I am has been hugely helpful & so very encouraging for me. Fine tuning lifestyle – schedule, hydrating & eating habits, self-care practices… it is all paying off in amazing ways. I’ve had significant breakthroughs with my asana practice. AND the dried-up old woman stuff – HALLELUJAH!! – that’s fading wonderfully…”

Tara Thacker

“My family’s habits are so much better with BODY THRIVE!

“Going through life we build on bad habits. Little rituals of doing what we want, realizing the effects and wondering why we’re not as happy. And I am not just speaking of food choices. You all know that ‘knowing’ knaw.”

Andrea Perry

“What attracted me to Yogahealer was the practice of living Ayurveda versus just the study of Ayurveda. My first assignment of defining my values was life transformational. I discovered and acknowledged my life purpose. My purpose was always there.
I just did not know it.
Through the Yogahealer process of experimentation and self-discovery I have gained an acceptance, appreciation, and gratitude for the ups and downs –riding the flow and embracing it with amazement and amusement.
The practice of developing BODY THRIVE habits and to live Ayurveda has taught me that my keystone habit of living in ease.”

“Little did I know how out of balance I really was. How depleted. I suffered with bouts of depression, couldn’t sleep, negativity, judgment, etc.

I now feel lighter (and I am not talking about a less pound lighter) and have more access to my joy so much faster. I giggle! A lot. I had no idea staying up after crucial detoxing/rejuvenation time depleted me for over 30 years.

And much, much more. Find your way back to yourself. Simple rhythmic habits that your body becomes familiar with and craves.

And the healing? Astounding.

Find your way back to your fresh, vibrant, nourished, open-hearted self like an 8 year old waking up to see what the day brings.

It is possible. I am proof and I am 58.
I was even able to manifest a new career course whereby possibility just fell into my lap. I know this new mind and refreshed soul made this happen.

My depleting habits that I thought I loved put a darkness around me.

Nothing could get in. I have a new horizon of possibility now. And it is growing! Anything is possible when you get nourished daily. I now love my new habits that took awhile to take hold, but are so worth it. I will never go back.

Thank you Cate Stillman

Cindy Karuna Kronick

Here’s What You Get when you kick-off your Annual Membership in BODY THRIVE

Weekly, Live Cutting Edge Sessions with Cate, the mentors and members

Live dynamic group sessions with Cate and Yoga Health Coaches and Mentors to drive your progress. Plus, one-on-one coaching with our BODY THRIVE Coaching Team.

Access to The BODY THRIVE Course Hub

Features Cate’s unique weekly curriculum through the habits, via video training you can watch at your own pace . Get inspired. Get informed. Take Action. Also, you can use our accompanying BODY THRIVE workbook and tip sheets.

Books, Audiobook, and Ebooks to Help You Thrive

In addition to the BODY THRIVE book and Workbook, you’ll get access to the Better Habits Guide, Accountability Charts, Master Habits ebook, and the Yogahealer Recipe ebook.

Access to the Practice Lab

Features meditation audio, yoga videos, and core practices to keep you reaching your goals.

BODY THRIVE Members Forum

This is our inspiring community, where our goal is to champion your progress, every step of the way. Together, we’ll troubleshoot any roadblocks you face and you’ll receive valuable guidance from our community experts.


Experience Embodied Wisdom

We become avatars of living body wisdom as members of BODY THRIVE. The experience is that of being in an evolutionary, container that motivates and guides your growth, with ease and support.

Own Your Time

Take back control and own your time.

Empowered Relationships

Watch your relationships improve as you develep a better daily rhythm that works for your body.

More Energy + Vitality

As you start getting better sleep, true nourishment, and letting go of outdated patterns you’ll see your daily energy soar and stabilize.
Jenny Faulkner Campbell

“I feel like my whole present existence has become a laboratory. Everything is connected. I am sensing into the brilliance of the way this course is laid out: starting with earlier lighter dinners makes me want to go to bed early which makes me wake up earlier which gives me time to journal and meditate and hydrate and breathe…”

Jacob Metzger

“BODY only give 2 measly sentences on how much Cate and BODY THRIVE has changed my life, hahaha, that’s HILARIOUS! Body thrive literally has turned me into a universal class pooper (twice a day), has healed me from the inside out (wish I had pictures of my tongue 4 months ago..), emotionally energetically physically and spiritually, and has set me on a path to evolved connectedness and mindfulness, not only for myself, but for world. BODY THRIVE has literally changed everything. Cate. Is. A. Badass….”

Genell Vashro Huston

“My first reflection was feeling like I was under some kind of mystic spell… this shit really works! Cate would talk, the spell would be laid, and the results would just miraculously happen. But, now I am realizing it is not a spell, or magic, it is much more simple and intuitive – it is aligning to the universe and the natural rhythms of our planet. The steps are pretty straight forward, not easy per say, but, with deep desire, the small, steady, practice and habit forming actions show transformative results. I am more aware of my patterns, my behaviors, and where I need to continue to show up to live the life I want to live. Thank you Cate!..”

There is a rhythm to experience thrive in your body. Anybody can do it. But you need to be with the right people – people with the rhythm already in momentum. It’s so much easeir and more fun when you an ride the wave of momentum. Tap into our momentum with the habits that work. The positive stressors. Clear the habits that don’t work -the negative stressors – from your life. Then wee shat happens as you engage in your best life.
In BODY THRIVE, you’ll get cutting-edge behavioral science coupled with ancient esoteric body wisdom… all packaged in a modern easy to use community-driven, collaborative-intelligence experience. There’s literally nothing like it in the world.
And as you progress, everyone around you benefits as well – your community, your family, and everyone you come in contact with.

with Cate + the BODY THRIVERS…

Developing new habits isn’t easy. After years, we’ve developed a system that puts you on the path to success.

But we know it’s not for everyone. It may be nerve-racking. You may have doubts.

Just don’t doubt yourself. You are free to change and we created the curriculum to help you do just that.

This journey is meant to reinvent your health. Be invigorated.

One thing we hear often are individuals that want the benefits of BODY THRIVE, but their busy life won’t allow for it.

It’s true. Our modern culture is busy. And yet, what is possible in a human body is resilience, adaptability and even bliss.

You came across BODY THRIVE and are seriously considering investing in yourself.

Would you risk happiness, let alone meaningful fulfillment, for the sake of business?

You have an opportunity here. Skipping out on this opportunity means passing on a better you.

“I loved this program, I have so much more to do to learn and grow within myself. I feel better, I have a better insight into the food I put in my body, and where I am in my daily routine. My energy and mental state is much clearer, and I have better habits to keep on attending to. I think I would like to do it again to ingrain the habits even more. BODY THRIVE is amazing. Thank you…”

Wendi Buick

A smarter daily rhythm is a smarter you. Be smart – invest in the habits that work for your body for life. It’s easy. It’s YOUR time to THRIVE.
We’ve got your back… and know how to get you to your BODY THRIVING!
Cate Stillman
Head Coach + Author of BODY THRIVE