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How BODY THRIVE will Improve the Rest of Your Life

Cate’s BODY THRIVE 1 Year Evolution is super welcoming, fast to gain momentum, and utterly practical. Cate refines the experience based on faster results to feeling great.
Here Cate explains the four seasons, or quarters, that make up the yearlong curriculum of Body Thrive.
Next, Cate shows you the Member’s Hub and the weekly lessons available to you throughout the year. And don’t worry – you don’t need to do all of them.

What’s Included in BODY THRIVE.

BODY THRIVE is a step-by-step guided journey to catalyze more energy, improve your digestion, awaken your intuition and intellect, cultivate peace of mind, and evolve your habits toward lifelong thrive.
What’s Included in BODY THRIVE:
Live Sessions

The year-long evolution with Cate Stillman was made to guide people, like you, to reach a personal breakthrough that would continue through your life.

  • Weekly, Live Cutting Edge Sessions with Cate;
  • Live Group Calls with BODY THRIVE Coaches;
  • Your One-on-One with BODY THRIVE Coaches.
The Course Hub

You’ll get access to the Course Hub which guides your journey into body wisdom, habit evolution and to get to know your constitution. Cate’s week by week curriculum doesn’t just teach you, but guides you to weekly experiments through the seasons .

  • Weekly video curriculum to go deeper into better habits, quarter by quarter
Books, Audiobook + Ebooks

Who doesn’t like bonus material? Stay fit and healthy with the Yogahealer recipe ebook. Our accountability charts will ensure you stay on track throughout your journey.

  • BODY THRIVE Book and Audio book
  • BODY THRIVE Workbook + Tip Sheets
  • Better Habits Guide
  • Accountability Charts
  • Yogahealer Recipe ebook
Practice Lab

Plenty of audio and video materials to keep your mind and body aligned with the natural rhythms.

  • Meditation Audios
  • Yoga Videos
  • Core Practices
BODY THRIVE Members Forum

This is our hopping, inspiring community that’s here championing your progress. Alongside other members, former students, mentors and coaches, you’ll find it hard to lose footing. Together, we troubleshoot any issues and receive frequent guidance from our experts.


An experienced Yoga Health Coach will be available to you for monthly coaching gyms

Accountability Partner

We help our members gain the skill of accountability partnership to generate growth-focused relationships.

What Does The Journey Look Like?


Learn the Habits

This is where we start. In the first quarter, you’ll learn the habits and our methods that will guide you for the rest of your life.

Body Thrive Demo

Habit 1: Earlier Lighter Dinner
– Earlier Lighter Dinner, How and Why
– What’s for Dinner?
– Habit Evolution: Kaizen
– Meal Planning
– Tips for Earlier Lighter Dinner

Habit 2: Early To Bed
– Early to Bed, How and Why
– Grandmother Wisdom + Design Your Evening Routine
– Habit Evolution: 5 Habit Triggers

Habit 3: Start the Day Right
– Start Your Day Right, Why and How
– Accountability Partner
– Become a Pooping Champion
– Yes… and… start your day right

Habit 4: Breath Body Practice
– Breath Body Practice, How and Why
– Habit Evolution: Yes, And…
– Habit Stacking: Start Your Day Right

Habit 5: Plant-Based Diet
– Plant-Based Diet, How and Why
– Learning Abundance From Sharing Seeds
– Tips for your Plant-Based Die

Habit 6: Massage
– Self Massage – How it Works
– Massage Your Body Daily

Habit 7: Sitting in Silence
– How to Sit for Meditation
– Unwinding Meditation
– Architect Your Choices

Habit 8: Healthier Eating Guidelines
– Tips for Rhythmic Eating
– 1 Week Challenge-Rhythmic Eating
– Healthier Eating Guidelines- How it Works
– Do you have Ama?
– Ayurveda, Digestion + Meal Spacing

Habit 9: Sense Organ Self Care
– Come to Your Senses, How and Why
– Sense Organ Meditation
– Keystone Habit

Habit 10: Easeful Living
– Easeful Living, How and Why
– Intuitive Body Meditation
– Closure

Your Habit Evolution Trajectory


Work it

Learn in and make massive progress.

Habit 1: Earlier Lighter Dinner
– How to Reverse Engineer Earlier Lighter Dinners
– Earlier Lighter Dinner + Identity Evolution

Habit 2: Early To Bed
– Active after Dinner
– Deep Fatigue
– Insomnia Issues

Habit 3: Start the Day Right
– How Much Sleep Do I Need (for Healing)
– Habit Automation + Non-negotiables
– Identity Evolution + Start Your Day Right

Habit 4: Breath Body Practice
– Your VPK Dosha + Your Workouts
– How to Ask for Support with Habit Evolution

Habit 5: Plant-Based Diet
– Kitchen Sadhana Workshop
– Ayurvedic Healing Teas + Charismatic Plants with Amadea Morningstar
– Keystone Habit

Habit 6: Massage
– Unlocking Blocks to Self Massage
– 5 Minute Lymph Clearing Practice
– Easy How-To Warm – Oil Self-Massage Abhyanga

Habit 7: Sitting in Silence
– Breathing Before Meditation
– Tarpana

Habit 8: Healthier Eating Guidelines
– Rhythmic Eating for Your Constitution
– Agni Meditation

Habit 9: Sense Organ Self Care
– Follow the Shakti
– Dr. Beth’s Five Sense Travel Tips
– Power of the Posse

Habit 10: Easeful Living
– Chaos to Order Easeful Living
– Priorities + Perspectives
– Values Workshop – How to Codify Your Values

– Ayurveda + the Daily Rhythms
– Transition to Q3


Live it

Deepen your momentum.

Habit 1: Earlier Lighter Dinner
– Kitchen Closed
– Meal Prep
– Tip Sheets for VPK

Habit 2: Early To Bed
– 20 Minute Yoga – Evening Foot Massage Practice with Cate
– Your Relationships + Your Bedtime
– Ojas Building Meditation

Habit 3: Start the Day Right
– Night Owls – The Evil Second Wind
– The 5 Koshas

Habit 4: Breath Body Practice
– 20 Minute Morning Yoga Practice with Cate, Level 1-2
– Daily Burn Affiliate Code

Habit 5: Plant-Based Diet
– Nourishing Meditation
– Superweed Invasives

Habit 6: Massage
– How to Give Yourself a Quick Massage
– Self Massage + Foam Rolling
– Stay in Touch with Travel Abhyanga

Habit 7: Sitting in Silence
– Body Thrive] Meditation Saved My Marriage
– Zero Point Meditation: Letting Go

Habit 8: Healthier Eating Guidelines
– Intermittent Fasting + Communal Habits
– Agni Types
– Ayurveda Using Spice as Remedy

Habit 9: Sense Organ Self Care
– 9 Eye Exercises to Soothe Tired Eyes After a Long Day at the Computer
– Oil Pulling

Habit 10: Easeful Living
– Reading from Easeful Living Chapter
– How to Thrive – Ayurvedically Speaking

Transition to Q4
– How to Heal Your Ancestral Patterns with Ayurveda with Sarita Rocco


Be it

Awaken your flow.

Habit 1: Earlier Lighter Dinner
– Svastha + 5 Thrivers
– Identity Evolution + Your Relationships
– Reminder: 5 Habit Triggers

Habit 2: Early To Bed
– Sleep Like a Baby By Closing Off the Day
– Dosha Meditation Experience
– Reminder: Orient Toward Thrive

Habit 3: Start the Day Right
– Invoke Who You Are Becoming
– Bonus: Ayurveda, the Change of Seasons, Your Metabolism, and Your Appetite

Habit 4: Breath Body Practice
– Raise Your Own Bar
– 5 Vayus and Yoga

Habit 5: Plant-Based Diet
– Ayurveda + Living Foods
– Ayurveda & Eating Intuitively
– Bonus: 90 minutes with Cate on Ayurveda + Plant Medicine

Habit 6: Massage
– Awaken Your Hands to Heal
– Teach Your Kids Massage
– Hitting Targets with Habits

Habit 7: Sitting in Silence
– Becoming No One Meditation
– Connective Meditation
– Architecting Your Choices + 5 Habit Triggers.

Habit 8: Healthier Eating Guidelines
– 10 Tips For Intermittent Fasting with Ayurvedic Wisdom
– Ayurveda Disease in 6 Stages
– 6 Tastes + Seasonal Eating
– 6 Tastes + Ayurveda

Habit 9: Sense Organ Self Care
– Five Tricks to Treat Your Senses
– Reminder: Sense Organ Meditation

Habit 10: Easeful Living
– Awake Living + the 4 Aims of Life
– Zero to 1. Dharma Talk

– How Energy Works + Rhythm

Habit Evolution Videos

Your Habit Evolution Trajectory
5 Habit Triggers
Architect Your Choices
Power of the Posse
Keystone Habit
Yes, and…
Habit Automation + Non-negotiables
Raise Your Own Bar
Orient Toward Thrive
Leading an Orientation – Your What + Why
Hitting Targets with Habits

Relationship Habit Videos

Values Workshop + Teton Retreat
How to Codify Your Values
Svastha + 5 Thrivers
How to Ask for Support with Habit Evolution
Identity Evolution + Your Relationships
Onboarding Content
Your What, Your Why
Tell Me Your What, Your Why