Connectivity Kit


At the core of Yogahealer's values is learning to thrive through inter-connectivity.
I created this kit to release during the holiday season to gift the skills you and your friends need most right now.
Learn the skills for easeful productivity, fall into more engaging friendships, evolve your capacity for leadership…and more.

How The Connectivity Kit Works:

Once you sign up, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to invite the 3 people you want to cross off your holiday gift list.
We will inform them, and so will you, of the lovely gift they‘ve been given. You’ll also receive LIFETIME access to the Connectivity Kit Online Hub,
where you’ll find your 4 zones of training:

Mentor Zone
Learn how to uplevel your mentoring skills, or be a better mentee.

Productivity Zone
Explore how applying the  5 elements of Ayurveda can help you experience easeful productivity.

Sparkling Conversation Zone
Learn how to engage others in what you have to say.

Connectivity Zone
Learn how to develop deeper, more meaningful connections.

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