Social Justice Learning for Healers: summer listening/ reading

Social Justice Learning for Healers: summer listening/ reading

I appreciate the writing from Tre Johnson:  When black people are in pain, white people just join book clubs, that our YHC member pointed me to:

“The confusing, perhaps contradictory advice on what white people should do probably feels maddening. To be told to step up, no step back, read, no listen, protest, don’t protest, check on black friends, leave us alone, ask for help or do the work — it probably feels contradictory at times. And yet, you’ll figure it out. Black people have been similarly exhausted making the case for jobs, freedom, happiness, justice, equality and the like. It’s made us dizzy, but we’ve managed to find the means to walk straight.”

I find myself needing resources. I asked a few BIPOC Yoga Health Coaches what resources they wanted to share with our Yoga Health Coaches. I started Eddie Moore Jr’s 21 Day Racial Equity Challenge.

I’ve come to terms that every post I write, every podcast I record, every book I release offends someone. Yet, these efforts heal more than they offend. I’m sure someone will be offended by our attends to educate ourselves as healers trying to be part of the solution for more people of any color or creed to thrive in their bodies and their lives.

Yet, still, I know that it’s harder to publish than to just have an opinion. Or just read a book. I believe in education and dialogue.

This list was compiled by Romy Toussant, Alicia Malcolm-Anderson and myself.


Social Justice Summer Reads


What to Watch to Widen Your Understanding


Social Justice + Wellness Influencers

Green Girl Leah: 〰️Intersectional Environmentalism〰️⋒ activist + eco-communicato:

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